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At the Office -- Busy Day!

Home by 8:00 p.m. (finally). Marilyn and I were BUSY -- and could have easily worked even later...

In the middle of the afternoon I started an entry:

I'm taking a quick break to blog from the office. I'm doing it on my laptop (sigh), because I couldn't remember my login info (seriously, Charlie???), so I've exceeded my attempts on the desktop here at work. (yikes)

Sometimes IT wears me out, which is often ALL the time. Hahaha. But it's my job now (with Webmaster gone), so I'd better continue to improve at this work, or else! No pressure or anything.

The goal today was to install a bunch of RAM in various computers still running at a 1g of RAM. That's pretty much done -- at least, all the machines on the floor are good.

And that was as far as I got! Hahaha. So much for a 'blog break.'

Donn was in today and there until almost 4:30 (!!!). Poor guy! He's really not used to working that late in the day... But we did get a lot done.

Still flummoxed by the Remote Desktop situation. Some computers simply DO NOT SHOW as being 'online.' They can access the Server and reach the various drives with no problem. But apparently the Server will NOT see them, for whatever reason! We have yet to discover what the hell causes this issue. But it's a huge pain, needless to say.

Weird. As I type this, I'm way ahead of myself, waiting for the text to 'catch up' with me. Annoying.

Watching night two of 2014 Westminster Dog Show. Glad we got home in time for it!

ANTS. We've been dealing with a bunch of them for DAYS AND DAYS now. They're into the cats' food bowls, which I have to keep moving around. What the hell??? Talk about annoying! I couldn't get outside to deal with them for all the snow and ice -- and now it's POURING down rain and windy. And will be that way for days. So I don't know what to do about them. Damn things. Hey! At least the SNOW is GONE now, so at least I can't whine about the weather. Well, not loving the gray skies, pouring rain and high winds, but it's better than it has been. (Please don't FLOOD, house.)

Was eating dinner and choked on a tiny bite (which I think I aspirated into my lungs, lucky me). This is one of the annoying facts of aging, for whatever reason. It's like your body forgets HOW to swallow properly. We're constantly choking on food -- and we're really careful when we eat not to talk or do anything else that might make this happen. It's so miserable. I've been coughing and joking for about twenty minutes now. (sigh) And probably will be for some time to come. Yeah, yeah -- TMI. I know. But it gets me to thinking about certain aspects of aging that are never discussed. These are horrible, or anything -- they're just facts of life. But facts nobody mentions, for whatever reason... (Oh, hell, I guess it's because it's gross.)

Speaking of annoying (we have been several times, I'm afraid), for whatever reason (???), a bunch of my icons (userpics) are NOT DISPLAYING. That includes the one I want to use for this entry, so I've no clue if it will show up or not. I checked, to be sure my extra icons hadn't expired, and found this: Currently uploaded: 338 out of 362. (2 large packages, expiring 2014-05-05)

So I shouldn't need to worry about this for a couple of months, at least. I wonder what gives???

Didn't get very far on Caitlin's computer today. There aren't enough hours in the day, I swear. Even when we stay late...

Looks like I'll go to work again tomorrow...

Oh! Almost forgot! They picked up our garbage and recycling today! (woo hoo) Glad that happened, as it was worrying me.

That's it for today...

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