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More of the Same...

Aside from cabin fever (smile), there's nothing much to report. Sister Sue is hanging in there. It appears they might let her come home tomorrow...

Thankfully we haven't gotten a lot of freezing rain -- so far. I won't count my blessings until we're totally out of this mess.

Portland Public Schools are CLOSED again tomorrow -- so we're due for another snow day. Marilyn had a VERY BUSY day scheduled, so she's not pleased. But what can we do?

It seemed to me like it moderated a little bit today. But it was still very cold. So what do I know? I did go outside a tiny bit. There was a crust of ice on top of the snow. It's a big mess and without a bunch of NORMAL rain, I can't imagine it being scoured out. We're supposed to get near to 50 by the end of the week...

Ate leftovers today, which were yummy.

"The Walking Dead" was back tonight. I won't spoil. Let's just say I was RIGHT when I said we wouldn't find out all that much about what was happening with the members of the group. I was not surprised by that. But there were some surprising moments (ODD moments??? Offensive moments???) -- and I remain critical of the show, in spite of liking it... Oh well. (I think it's fair to say this show is geared mostly toward young men with the typical young male fantasies and beliefs. I don't expect that to change, so I just have to live with it.)

On the subject of an EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT zombie product, I've been re-reading "World War Z." If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. No, it's really NOTHING like the movie. But I liked the movie, even so. But the book is amazing -- and really gives us an idea of what COULD realistically happen in a world overrun by zombies.

Speaking of a lack of reality (hahaha), Marilyn and I finished watching "Escape Plan" today. Highly entertaining for those who enjoy action/adventure films -- even though there wasn't much reality going on. Still love Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger -- they're wonderful in this movie. Jim Caviezel plays a really HORRIBLE character who dies far to easily... Anyway, I recommend this, believe it or not. We were glad we got it.

We might get another On Demand movie. What the hell, we can sleep in tomorrow, after all!

And I actually did some WORK for the festival -- a couple of website pages. Still have to do these while we wait to transition to the new site...

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