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Forgot!!! iPhone Update -- Good News!!!

I totally FORGOT to mention one of the really GOOD things that happened today (okay, officially yesterday, as it's past midnight now).

I fixed my problem with iMessage!!! I can now text! (woo hoo)

I was so annoyed by the issue. And googling it -- mainly checking at the Apple site -- was no help at all. In fact, much of what I read suggested this was a serious issue that might mean resetting (!!!) my phone. After all the work I did with the backup and putting music on, the last thing I wanted to even consider was the need to reset!

Plus even taking time to phone Al (the guy from the Verizon store) -- much less go over there -- was just too much to even consider...

Anyway, I borrowed Marilyn's phone and checked her settings. Sure enough! One of the settings was set to two numbers (email and my cell), which was the issue. Once I changed that, I was good to go!

What a huge relief!!!

Anyway, that was a good moment, to say the least.

Tags: 2014, apple, cell, february-2014, happy, iphone, iphone5, marilyn, settings

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