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Today? Both GOOD and BAD...

Poor MARILYN!!! She did a WONDERFUL job on her video for work (done with Pinnacle Studio for the iPad). But when she tried uploading it to YouTube, it just wouldn't work properly. And she tried over and over again. The audio is NOT lined up with the video, for whatever reason. (I can't understand it! I've used free video editors and never had that issue.) I feel so bad for her. She spent weeks learning the App and preparing all the aspects. It's awful to have that work wasted. I hope something can be done...

She spent time preparing her PowerPoint for tomorrow -- she has her first speaking engagement of 2014. She's AMAZING using PowerPoint, in case I haven't mentioned that recently. Bad news: When she tested her laptop, it was making TERRIBLE noises. Donn had checked the machine out for us, but there's always an issue when it comes to noise, as he has a hearing problem (and wears hearing aids) -- so he rarely knows if a machine is too noisy... I've offered her the use of my laptop.

Good news: I spent some time organizing some things around the house today. I cleared off my corkboard that hangs in our home office, then rearranged it (leaving a bunch of stuff off). I should have taken a 'before' photo. I'm already forgetting what a mess it was! I did some other stuff in the office, and some things in the kitchen and family room. My goal is to do little bits at a time, working toward a more organized home. (You'll recall I spent time on this last year, too. It's an on-going project...)

Sister Sue took me shopping to pick up a couple items. We went to Freddies and ended up having some food there, as well as Starbucks. It's always nice to get to chat with her! And she also took me to the Goodwill, where I dropped off a couple of large boxes of stuff. I'll need to keep that up as I clear more things out around here.

Sort of bad news: Marilyn had to work REALLY LATE again tonight. She's been tired recently, and it's no wonder! She has tons of intense meetings all the time, aside from her other work...

Potentially BAD news: We're in the middle of some unexpected winter weather patterns. We had snow falling today. We've had really warm weather on and off -- so our trees and bushes are blooming in some cases and covered in buds. (sigh) Now we're having record cold weather. It's about to mess up our weekend, when we have our Court judging set. No, I wasn't talking about time off -- both Marilyn and I need to WORK Saturday and Sunday (if the weather will allow it!!!). Saturday is supposed to be the really bad day, I'm afraid...

Bad news: Our fridge went out sometime today. Everything in the freezer melted and made a bit of a mess. It could have been worse, so I'm not really complaining. That fridge is around 25 years old (!!!) and was a very inexpensive model that we bought when in our first house. So it certainly gave us a lot of good years. The obvious down side of this is that we have to replace it. Marilyn's investigating what makes sense to spend... These things certainly don't come cheap, even when you buy an inexpensive one. Memories: I recall when that fridge was delivered to our last home! It was December and COLD and the neighbor was parked in front of our house -- so the delivery truck had to stop in the middle of the street to bring it in. We were so EXCITED when it arrived! (smile)

Good: Enjoyed dinner and watching "The Biggest Loser" -- and seeing the winner. All of the finalists did a great job! Ruben sang -- he has such an amazing voice. It was a good season.

Good: Put together two of our new lamps. Really love the one we got for the family room (!!!).

BAD: What's the deal with light bulbs??? I'm not kidding when I say that it looks like the day may come when I won't be able to buy my own light bulbs. It's so complicated now! I never used to have to think about it to pick up the right bulbs for the right lamps or fixtures! We ended up with several that were WRONG and can't be used! The box reads 'Standard' -- but the base of the bulbs was HUGE! No way would they fit into a standard lamp! And we just bought new lamps, so why wouldn't new bulbs fit them??? I could hardly manage to find a three-way bulb that fit the new lamp I just mentioned above... (sigh)

I honestly think buying something as basic as a light bulb should be simple. Oh. And while we're on the subject, I don't want to have to take out a LOAN in order to buy a light bulb. I mean, really???

Well, I need to go and turn the water on all over the house! Forgot to do it last night, but I don't want to take a chance again tonight!

Finally, Yahoo was DOWN for AGES today (!!!). They were recently hacked (and I had to change my password yet again!!!), so I suppose it's related to that, somehow. It's very inconvenient for me, as I forward my work email via Yahoo to my home email. (sigh) What a pain...

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