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Busy Day at the Festival Office

The day started with me trying to decide whether or not to go to the festival office today. I'm really not sure why I decided I should go in, but it's a darn good thing that I did!!!

Marilyn and I arrived and I had my usual two bags, PLUS my laptop -- AND another bag that contained two piggy banks from home. We're going to be launching our 'search' soon. I won't share any details, yet, considering this hasn't happened, yet! But our change (especially pennies) is going to come in quite handy! (grin)

Anyway, we were stopped by Christine at the front desk, where the new seasonal receptionist, Hannah, had arrived unexpectedly first thing this morning! So Marilyn, Christine, Hannah and I headed off for Starbucks, while Andy covered phones. The tradition is always to take the new person for Starbucks -- and I insisted Christine should go along this time. (By the way, Rich was out sick, which explains why he didn't go -- as normally he's always included!)

When we got back, I started right in training Hannah.

By they way: This year the plan was that one of the NEW computers would be replacing the 'front desk' computer, which is the station in the front area that Christine switches to when our new Receptionist starts. The Receptionist now sits facing the front area, in clear sight of the front door -- which she will now 'guard.' The second station is back a bit there, able to help back her up, but clearly a secondary station. We've had a very OLD computer at the 'front desk' -- and Christine's computer during the off season is brand new (and quite fast). So a new computer would make BOTH computers new and fast! (Otherwise we were going to move Christine's machine -- which is a big pain!) So I phoned Donn to see where he was on the computers for 2014. Discovering he had three ready to go, I had him come right in!

I went back to training Hannah, which is no easy feat. Being in that front area means we were interrupted many, many times! And Marilyn has an additional concern: She doesn't like me to 'waste' time training someone who might not end up staying. We hire this position directly through an agency, without bothering to interview the person. So if they work out, great. If not, we just get another person and move on. It's actually perfect for this role, where we need a certain skill-set. Normally we don't hire without interviews -- except for this position.

Donn arrived with the new machines. He immediately started setting up one of the new machines at Christine's current station (which is K, for the record). I went in and talked it through with Marilyn again. There are a total of three new computers. One for K, one that will go to Carol at D and another that will go to the graphics spot, up at Q-2 (next to my own station, upstairs). PLUS, Donn had taken home 76 -- an old Dell mini-tower that used to be Carol's, years back -- and has been on the floor since we moved into the new building back in 2010. The goal was to put that in the finance office for Tanya -- who is finally going to be getting her own profile (she's previously worked as 'staff accountant'). 76 does have an issue, though: It's not set up for dual monitors right now. IF Donn can find an inexpensive way to fix that issue, then Tanya will get this machine. Otherwise we've got to come up with something different (like adding another stick of RAM to her existing machine). 76 has a faster processor, but less RAM. The whole thing is a balancing act -- one I've been playing for Staff since I started as IT Manager back in 2007...

Donn started in to set up what is now named 89 (K) with both Christine's profile and the 'front desk' profile. We don't allow people to log in there using their OWN profiles -- they can only log in as front desk. (Every time you add another profile to a machine, it slows it down quite a bit.) So both profiles need to be up and running. That reminds me: I was setting up Shoretel for Christine after Donn had finally left for the day -- so I'm sure we need to set up Shoretel for 'front desk,' too...

The Receptionist profile goes back on the computer at the Y station (normally Christine's during the off-season). And Shoretel has to be set up again. Plus she needs to have Quickbooks working there.

And Quickbooks needed to be installed on the NEW computer -- and be ready for Christine to use it. We only put Quickbooks (our finance software) on a very few computers. And only a total of four machines can run it at any given time (because we have a total of four licenses). When Donn was ready to set that up, we had to turn to Kris for help. I've never actually set up QB by myself -- and I know very little about the software. Kris is our 'expert' for that software. But frankly, Donn and I did a pretty good job of getting it set up (with only a little bit of help from Kris, via the phone).

OH!!! Donn showed me how to get the damn printer drives installed for our various printers today! About time I was able to do that. I never used to have issues with this part of a computer setup, but it's been a problem ever since 2010 when we moved into the Rose building. Thanks to Donn's detailed notes, I'll be good to go in the future!

Setting up new computer to our Server -- and with individual Profiles -- is a lot of work. Donn was there until 4:30 today (!!!), which is much later than I normally keep him. We were both carrying equipment all over the place -- including up and down the huge staircase that goes upstairs to my own station (and the area where we work on computers).

Let me say that I was bushed when we finally got home past 7:00 tonight! I didn't even fix any dinner. Marilyn and I each had a bun with butter -- and a Chelada (Bud Light and Clamoto, already mixed in the can). I really had planned to cook something, but I was so tired I just went in for a 'nap' and didn't wake up until just before midnight! Thankfully I had time to blog for Monday...

There's more to share, but I'm just too tired to do it. Donn was a champion today. Hannah is trained and will hopefully work out just fine. I hope Rich is back at work tomorrow, but if he's still feeling bad he needs to stay home.

My damn iPhone (yes, the new one) has an issue that needs resolving (as I mentioned yesterday): I need to get iMessage fixed, so I can text with it. No, there was no time to go back to the Verizon store today! So hopefully that will happen really soon... (What an annoying situation.)

No, I didn't even TOUCH my iPad all day long. I barely had a chance to look at my email today! This is another busy week, but we're supposed to suddenly have RECORD LOW TEMPERATURES -- and there was snow in many areas today (including where Donn lives!!!). We've got Court judging starting this Saturday, and a possibility of snowy weather that day.

Plus Marilyn and I are supposed to be meeting with both Ginny and Garry (from Franklin) this coming Sunday -- but if there's bad weather, we'll postpone that...

I have to quit for today. I can barely keep my eyes open. Poor Marilyn: No dinner! Thank God she took me out for lunch today for Chinese -- so at least she got one decent meal!

Not sure if I'm working tomorrow or not. Probably! Not sure about Wednesday, either. Maybe. Hector is coming to work on the roof -- and he needs his one-third-down check at that time...

Glad we stopped for EMERGENCY stuff (very briefly) at the store on the way home! Cat food is always essential!

Good night all!

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