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Rich and I Went to Activate Our New iPhones Today!

Rich and I went around 10:00 a.m. to the local Verizon store which is up on Broadway (walking distance from the office, in other words). Al waited on us and was really good -- he helped us pick screen protectors and put them on for us, and also helped us find cases and put those on, too.

Get this: My new case is the same as the one I had for my iPhone 4! It's the one that you see in the icon displayed here -- which is made by Incipio (and the same two shades of pink). I'm just delighted! Rich also got an Incipio case, in black.

The screen protector is a fancy one that sells for $25, but really helps protect the screen in the event you drop your phone. I love it, to tell you the truth.

I also picked up and extra lightning cable, so I'll have one to pack around with me. You can NEVER have too many charging/connection cables!

As I type this, I'm just done 'restoring' my backup from the old phone to the new phone. Now I'm in the process of updating the IOS, which takes quite a bit of time. I'm just happy to be able to move stuff over from the old phone to the new one, so I'm not complaining...

Marilyn was a HUGE HELP with all of this, of course. She's our iTunes expert -- I rarely ever touch it and barely know a thing about it.

The rest of the day was busy with IT -- and I have a bunch of IT to do over the weekend when we go in to the office (which we've planned all week). The nice thing will be SLEEPING IN. I was really tempted to stay in bed this morning and not go in, but I really needed to be there, so I'm glad I resisted the impulse!!!

I'm tired tonight and ready for bed -- but I need to finish up with the iPhone, first. I'd like to load some more music -- and maybe a video or two, as well... We'll see how long it takes. It looks like I've got another HOUR (sigh) before this will be done.

Marilyn and I called sister Sue this morning to sing "Happy Birthday" to her over the phone. She was excited about her cribbage tournament and said she call us when she got back. I hope she has a great time!

Can you believe this is the last day of January??? Where did the month go? I can't believe it's February already! Gosh. Time is flying by and there's so much to get done...

Donn did his tutorial with Tiffany and helped me with other IT stuff. And I did speak to both Garry and Jason today. Garry wanted to discuss the Franklin website and Jason wanted to feel me out about having gone behind my back to contact FISH about the new website. Oh! And Kris phoned to see how things went yesterday...

That's not everything from today, but it hits the high points, anyway. I think I'll go get my Kindle and read while I'm waiting. Good night, everyone!

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