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New iPhone - Frustrations...

I have only myself to blame -- I should have spent part of today getting my OLD iPhone ready so I could bid it 'farewell' tomorrow without issues. Sadly, this didn't happen...

I'm hoping when we take these in to do the setup (Rich and I) tomorrow, things will go smoothly. Maybe THEY can transfer some stuff for me, because it hasn't been going so well tonight.

I was trying to use PhotoSync to move the photos off my iPhone and on to my computer. Worked GREAT for my iPad! But the iPhone? Nope.

I could not get the iPhone to 'find' the computer. And the way they've got it set up, I didn't have an option to do manual settings. According to their website, I should. But nope. It just wouldn't work.

Well, at least the Franklin Alumni website is back up and displaying tonight! I'd changed the DNS settings for this yesterday and WHAT A MESS. It basically was gone. But DotEasy is an awesome HOST, so all is well...

Did dishes and laundry today, which is big. Did the garbage and recycling (including the cat boxes), too. And fixed dinner tonight. Marilyn had only had a handful of nuts all day to tide her over (!!!), so she was pretty hungry by dinner time!

The good news? Marilyn got home from work by 6:30. That hasn't happened in so long I can't remember the last time. (She's been averaging leaving work around 8:00 or later. And it's only January!!!) She had numerous meetings all day long -- very INTENSE meetings -- so she was exhausted when she finally headed for home...

Tomorrow is sister Sue's birthday (she'll be 71). She's going to be out of town all day and into the weekend for a cribbage tournament. (Happy Birthday, Sue! You'll probably read this after midnight, so it will actually be your bday!)

No progress on the Franklin website. What a pain.

Tried to go see friend Gladys today, but she wasn't home. I need to take her 'Christmas' still (and planned to quickly drop it off). Didn't get over to see friend June, either. Just so BUSY. (sigh)

Still need to phone Martha back. Haven't called Shari in ages. Re-connected with a friend I haven't interacted with in more than a decade. She's fighting cancer right now...

Hector and his son were here to do work today -- spent some time discussing what needed to be done and what might need to wait for later (the item that was $750... sigh...). The other items were spendy, too, but HAD to be done, even so. I guess it's always about money. Good thing the festival PAYS FOR my cell phone, isn't it???

I know there's more to report, but I'm too tired to do it. I really need to head to bed. I'm working at the office tomorrow (with a TON to do). I get tired just thinking about it! Plus I need to throw another load of laundry in before bed...

Where's the extra time I'm supposed to have, giving up my role as Webmaster??? Yeah, there's more IT than ever, so I guess I'm lucky there's less website stuff to worry about.

More tomorrow. Too tired to type and my eyes are freaking out. I spend too many hours every day looking at a computer screen, no doubt. Hahaha. Oh well!

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