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Goodbye Webmaster...

Today was a big day. I talked to Marilyn -- and then spoke to Jeff -- about giving up my role as Webmaster. So it's official: I'm no longer the Webmaster for the festival.

I've been in that role since August of 2007 -- so it's been around 6 1/2 years. I have to say I really enjoyed the work, overall, as hard as it was sometimes. And I learned a lot! And got to do amazing things.

My role as Webmaster earned the festival an award for the website (in 2008), and had a lot to do with me becoming International Volunteer of the Year back in 2012. I'll never again get to work on a website that is ranked so high and has a world-wide appeal. What an experience!

Anyway, I didn't want to neglect mentioning this, as it's pretty important to my life. As Jeff said, this is just one chapter closing. And obviously I'll continue to be involved with the new website.

The title of webmaster is not going to be filled by anyone else. From now on we'll have publishers -- probably three or four of us who vet the pages as they're finished. But the methods will be totally different, using WordPress. We should be only a few weeks away from rolling out the new site...

Marilyn and I (obviously) went in to the office to get some work done today. Donn was there trying to work on computer 88 -- but we finally just threw up our hands and called it done. He took the machine home to see if he could still fix it, but as far as Marilyn and I are concerned, it's a lemon and we need to quit pouring time and money into it. Thankfully 85 and 86 seem to be working just fine (fingers crossed), so nothing needs to be done with either of them.

We're still struggling with Marilyn's new computer and Win8, but learning more about it all the time. I could stand to actually take a class about Win8, but I doubt that will happen! The goal is to get at least one more machine in there so I could sit and learn some things. Meanwhile, I've changed some settings. Now I need to find out if there's a 'compatibility mode' for WinXP softwares -- because we're having some issues with one of our older applications that we really use a lot...

Boring IT talk -- but with me stepping back from website work, you'll probably hear even more about IT in the future! Hahaha.

There's more, but it will keep until tomorrow...

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