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Thursday: Things Are Fine...

Today was fine. Not good or great -- but not bad, either. It was 'fine.' It's sort of a family joke that we say 'fine' in a very blah-type tone. Hahaha. Things could be worse -- but they could be BETTER, too! (grin)

As for the weather, it was BEAUTIFUL outside today! Blue skies and sunshine and it made the heart swell. But COLD! Very cold. I was glad when I had the garbage and recycling done and could get inside to stay.

Had lunch with sister Sue today, which was nice -- but it could have been better! We had to suddenly quit eating and rush to get out of the restaurant when Candy phoned to say we needed to pick Nicole up at 2:00, rather than 2:20! So we stopped chatting and eating and packed all the food up, then raced to the school. Get this: Candy was wrong. So we got to sit and wait for Nicole to come out of school...

(It turned out that when Candy and Nicole had been texting, Nicole had been in a hurry, so she just put in 2 and had to stop. So it wasn't really Candy's fault. But we should have gone with the original info, clearly...)

I did get takeout as Marilyn had wanted so she could have her spicy bean dip for dinner tonight, so that was a good thing!

Tried to drive by my dentist office to drop off 'Christmas' for the three women who work there, but they're closed on Thursday afternoons. You know, they have a very short work week. It must be nice. I just can't imagine the hours they keep. Seriously! I guess it's true for most (all?) dentist offices. Again, it's hard to fathom...

I got the garbage and recycling done while it was STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE (!!!), which is always my goal, but rarely reached in the winter. Days are short and I always seem to push it until the light has gone. Considering it gets COLDER when the sun goes down, I'm sure glad I did this in a timely fashion today!

Conversation at one point with Donn. We have a lot to do tomorrow, but if I'm feeling crummy (again), then I might not go in, even so. Not decided yet. The work is weighing on me, though, so I suppose I will go in...

Still haven't phoned my friend Martha back. I need to do that.

Came back from lunch to a phone message from Gary from Franklin (their high school alumni). This message really ANNOYED me. He has such an unpleasant and disrespectful way of leaving phone messages! I was ready to say 'to hell with it' about doing their website after hearing it, but I cooled down. I asked Marilyn if I could have him phone her to set up a time for the three of us to meet -- so we're going to get together Monday morning, after the Communications meeting. That means I'll be able to attend both, so that's a good thing.

I suspect once I actually meet Gary face-to-face that I'll like him, so I'm willing to give him that chance. But if we don't get along better, then I'm going to have to pass on helping them out. We can get them set up with a domain, then wish them well... I'm still flattered that they like the website I did for Roosevelt as much as they do. And I think it would be cool to try doing a version for Franklin that mirrors it to some degree. So obviously I'm torn! Hahaha. What's new?

Tomorrow we're having a WEBSITE meeting for the festival from 1:00 - 2:00. Clearly I MUST be there tomorrow, as I can't miss that!!! What was I thinking??? We need to start figuring out what we're going to migrate, and what we're going to dump... That is REALLY going to be interesting!!!

Our whole house is sound asleep except for me! Marilyn was beat and went right to sleep after dinner. Henry is in a 'tent' I made him close near her. And Colin is curled up on his red pillow on the red chair (a fave spot of his). I'll be heading for a NAP -- plus hopefully a chance to READ -- as soon as I finish blogging...

My tongue was MUCH BETTER this morning -- but is worse tonight. Resting it all day yesterday helped, but not resting it today clearly reversed the progress a bit. I took the second Fluconazole tablet today. Normally you only take two of these (or that's how I've always had it over the years I've taken it), and in fairly low doses (150mg). I guess if you're getting it during cancer treatment, you take it constantly and in higher doses... I've never needed to take more than two pills to have it work for me, so I guess we'll see what happens. (Sometimes one pill will do the trick.)

It looks like we're bringing Eleanor back to be our Seasonal Receptionist again this year! I'm pleased, as I really liked her -- plus she's trained and will only need a refresher training to get her up and running. Actually, they still need to talk to her -- but the decision to ask her has happened on our end.

I wonder what Kris has done about the WiFi? I wanted it done LAST week -- and we need to USE IT next week. I need to phone him (yet again) tomorrow...

Oh! Almost forgot! Hector finally came to do the first treatment of the roof for moss. He sprayed (dusted?) it with the stuff that kills the moss. And he and his son were fixing the gutters. It's weird how the nails are sticking way out, but I remember that it's something that happens over time (from other houses I've lived in). They were up there making a lot of noise when Sue and I headed out, anyway. They'll be back next week to power wash the roof and re-treat.

And that's my Thursday! I thought this would be a really SHORT entry. Right.

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