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TMI: Dealing with Yeast

TMI Warning!!! This blog entry will deal with my yeast issues, which might be more than you want to read. You've been warned! Hahaha!!!

I stayed home and took a Meclizine, which means I pretty much slept away most of the day. (Meclizine has the side effect of making some people very drowsy, and I'm one of those! Hahaha!) I'm used to how this works, so I know I pretty well won't be functional after taking one. Sometimes I only take half, because they seriously knock me on my ass. But if I feel I need it and am able to just sleep, then why not take a full pill? So I did today.

Normally I take these for my Vertigo, but in this case I felt I'd try it for this damn yeast thing. You know, I've just been messed up since those two tests, as I said before. I realize I needed thos tests, but my body sure has suffered since then. Plus I don't understand why my blood counts have been so high. My diet has remained pretty much the same, so what gives? This really shows how important BALANCE is for our bodies -- especially with bacteria (good and bad).

I did almost nothing productive today (aside from cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes -- and making dinner tonight), but what the hell. I really want to get better, so I can be fully productive at work. I did read on and off when I wasn't sleeping...

I used nothing ON my tongue today. Yesterday I was in so much pain I was trying lots of things to combat it. I discovered today that TALKING is really hard on my tongue when it's like this, and avoiding talking helps it feel better. (Yes. I can't ever deny that I'm a big talker...)

I assume the pill I took is working, and will continue to help things (it's a pill that takes several days to really help). My doctor and my dentist always give me two of these pills. You take one, then the second one, if necessary.

My tongue does feel much better, if not perfect. And the yeast around my who-who and under my breasts is better today, too. Frankly, it's night and day from yesterday! You know, timing is everything. If I could have stayed home yesterday, I would have. Hahaha! But what doesn't kill us supposedly makes us stronger! Right...

Not sure if I'll take another meclizine tomorrow, or not. I'll see how I feel in the morning...

Caitlin called from work today to talk to me and woke me -- I bet she thought I was crazy! I get seriously out of iton these meds! I need to do some things she and I discussed, as it didn't happen today!

Sister Sue had her doctor appointment today, and Marilyn went with her. The funny part is how he couldn't even remember she had a-fib -- even though he did a procedure for her a-fib that ended up stopping her heart (and could have killed her). Seriously, doc? As Marilyn always says, someone has to graduate at the bottom of their class. Hahaha! Anyway, Sue was feeling well enough to go to cribbage tonigh, which I know because I forgot she'd be there and ended up calling her during it. Yeah, out of it. But I'm also not used to her having cribbage on Wednesdays, as it was on Thursday nights forever...

Glad the yeast thing is improved. I fixed ham and kale for dinner, but ended up eating the same Cinese leftovers I had for lunch (knowing this food hadn't bothered my tongue when I ate). Both the ham and the kale smelled very good -- Marilyn enjoyed them. (But the tiny piece of ham I nibbled during cooking had made my tongue complain, so no ham for me right now...)

Well, very TMI and boring, to boot. But that's my Wednesday.

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