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The TV Show "Revenge" Tonight...

Wow. I don't even know what to say about "Revenge" tonight. But nothing good, really. THERE MIGHT BE SPOILERS CONTAINED BELOW, SO IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE SHOW PLEASE DON'T READ. (It's not my fault if you ignore this warning!)

If you're a Daniel Grayson fan, they've made him about as unlikeable as any character I've ever seen on TV, bar none. Apparently we have the actor Josh Bowman to thank for this, and I for one want to have an opportunity at some point to 'thank' him for this development. Or not. No, I think I'll ask that actors please keep their place and do their job, which isn't to determine what happens to a given character, whether it's their character or not. (Not liking Mr. Bowman much right now, to put it bluntly.)

Still wanting to like Daniel, but seriously? Wish had some redeeming quality -- I just don't see it right now. Oh, yeah. His looks and his body. But are those enough???

Emily? Just when you think you've got her figured out, clearly you don't. I personally hope she DID sleep with Conrad Grayson, but I somehow doubt it.

Aiden? Why in HELL would he keep that damn sword??? It makes NO SENSE whatsoever.

Is this going to borrow from "Dallas" and all turn out to be a DREAM? Perhaps so! In that case, which parts are the dream, and which parts are REAL? Or has ANY OF IT been real? You might think that would bother me -- the idea that I'm watching things that turn out to be total fantasy, but actually, I believe I'd prefer it to the way things have gone. Dump the French chick, please -- and bring back Amanda (FauxManda, as they call her). Bring Declan back alive. While you're at it, how about bringing back the dog, Sammy? Hahaha. I don't give a damn if he IS the oldest dog alive, by the way...

How about some HOT scenes between Victoria and Conrad for a change? People around the world LOVE THEM (not just Marilyn and me) -- and they both represent an entirely different sort of 'older' character: Characters who are vibrant and interesting and sexy at an older age! Quit trying to make us hate them, because frankly, it's NOT working. (grin)

Why oh why did they EVER bring Sara into the story??? Daniel is madly in LOVE with this low class girl that he obviously chased to show people he could do whatever he wanted -- as a foolish youth? You've got to be KIDDING me! And, yeah, Sara -- messing around with a married man when his wife is lying wounded and ill IN THE SAME HOUSE is pretty slutty behavior. What Daniel could possibly see in Sara is beyond me. There's no reason for him to suddenly be 'in love' with her -- and if he had been in love with her all along, then there's no reason for 90% of he's done and said during the entire series to date. Come on, people!

Marilyn and I have discussed this stuff to pieces in the past. Going back in time: Huge companies that are influential don't suddenly just go under -- that's not reality. People this wealthy don't suddenly lose all their money (they've got golden parachutes in place, for crying out loud!). How many companies have we seen the government bail out? Are we stupid?

The reality of this show has always been hard to swallow, but it gets worse all the time.

Here's the thing: We love all these characters! Victoria, Conrad, Emily, Daniel, Jack, Aiden, Nolan, Charlotte -- they draw us and fascinate us and catch our interest. And, actually, so did Amanda, Ashley and Declan. We can't get enough of seeing them. I guess Patrick falls in this category, too (especially paired with Nolan), even if actor Justin Hartley doesn't really hold his own with the other actors.

But they could lose Margaux, Lydia, Padma and others, yes.

Jack is IN LOVE with Margaux? Just gag. I don't buy it for a minute. There's always been something OFF about her.

Well, I guess we'll find out more next week. If they expect an uproar about Conrad, I wish they would follow some of the international circles we do! Again, maybe Americans aren't crazy about Victoria and Conrad (which I question), but these two are ADORED internationally! I'd say they're the favorite pairing of many various nations, actually.

I suspect the producers are a bit OUT OF TOUCH with this, to be blunt. But what's new? This is so often true with any given TV show...

Will Marilyn and I keep watching? Of course we will. Which is what they count on -- we'll watch it even if we HATE what they do with the plot.

Did I say plot? Good God, daytime soap operas have better plots! Oh well...

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