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Recommendation: PhotoSync

Guess what??? You all probably know how much I've complained about how hard it is to manage photos on your iPad, right? Well today I may have solved that problem forever! And it didn't require hooking up to iTunes (or hooking up at all) -- nor did it require using a Cloud service. How about that?

More exciting still, it allowed me to copy images to my PC (Windows-based -- in my case, WinXP), as I'm not a MAC user. Amazing!

Today I copied 15,000 (plus) photos from my iPad to my home (desktop) computer! No, you did NOT read that wrong, I said fifteen THOUSAND photos. Actually, that's DOWN by more than a thousand, as I recently removed a TON of images in order to give myself more storage on my very limited iPad. The main downfall of the iPads we received was the small storage size...

This is so cool, because I can now SAVE those images, which I didn't have anywhere else. I'm delighted beyond words! The best $2.99 spent in forever!

(The people who made this App should find a way to move Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDFs as easily! It would solve a lot of the issues I deal with at the office, that's for sure!!!)

If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, then you NEED this App! It can be downloaded to your devices -- and to your desktop and laptop computers (both PC and MAC). And if you don't want to download it to your computer, apparently you can access it via a web browser!

Now I can REMOVE more photos from my iPad, making room for other things. This could, of course, simply be new photos! (smile) Or new Apps or whatever. I'm really pleased.

I'm sorry I didn't find this sooner -- I would have saved many photos I recently dumped... Hahaha!

Watching "The Mole People" while I write this! Love this flick! Hahaha!

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