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Garbage and Recycling? Kind Of... PLUS the Fog is Creepy!!!

I had decided to SKIP the recycling this week. We don't ever fill up our rolling bin, anyway, as a rule. But suddenly the spirit caught me -- so I took out all the recycling.

And I gathered up and put out the garbage into the rolling bin inside the garage -- seeing as this is not 'real' garbage week (and it won't be taken until next week). All that's left to do are the cat boxes -- but as Marilyn is asleep on the sofa, I don't want to risk waking her by doing them right now...

It's time for bed, obviously. I didn't even realize it was almost 4:00 a.m.!!! (yikes)

She's still feeling crummy and has no plan to go to work 'tomorrow' (actually today!), so I guess I can sleep in as late as I want.

The thing I really wanted to blog about was the FOG! This gives me an idea of what the fog must be like in places like London, where it's really THICK and has an actual 'feel' to it. I could even hear it falling to wet the ground -- but it's nothing like rain (and living in Portland my entire life, I know a thing or two about rain!). Marilyn mentioned earlier that she'd heard we would have heavy fog coming in today -- and we saw it starting when we were out bringing our food home earlier (around 3:00-ish).

The weather around the entire world is so strange! How can anyone NOT believe in global warming? Of course, I suppose it helps if you understand WHAT global warming actually is -- and don't just go by the 'warming' part. I have a friend who honestly thinks that it only refers to an increase in temperatures everywhere -- and cannot grasp how it could possibly effect weather any other way except to make things warm or hot. She's seriously missing the point, but there's no explaining it to her. Do you think this is the same problem with politicians who refuse to believe in global warming? I have to wonder...

Yes, there are places in the world where temperatures are extremely high. Watching the Australian Open tennis certainly shows us what it's like down under! Scary. (yikes)

Well, as I participate in recycling (which has been in effect here in Portland for ages and ages) and reduction of garbage -- PLUS composting -- I guess we're trying to do our part locally. Still, I was surprised by the recent list of things that you are NOT supposed to flush down your toilet. In all my life nobody told me this list of things, so it's about time the City Environmental Services took the time to inform us... (The brochure in question is called: What We Flush Matters.)

Off to bed now! (Yes, about time.)

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