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Cramps. Maybe the Worst Ever...

Got up with Marilyn and went to the doctor appointment for sister Sue. Both Marilyn and I woke up feeling nauseous, but that happens a lot, so I didn't think that much about it.

(I feel Marilyn's been fighting a bug of some kind. She had a headache almost all day, yesterday.)

She decided to stay home after the appointment, she was feeling so lousy. Sue and I decided to skip lunch for today and postpone until tomorrow.

Both Marilyn and I decided to lie down and take it easy. When I got up later from napping, I was having the most awful cramps! We think it must have been food poisoning. We have some ideas of what the actual food might have been, but we're not 100% sure. Anyway, I was MISERABLE on and off for hours. I finally forced down apple cider vinegar (I've mentioned before -- it's wonderful for dealing with food poisoning). It really did help, but it didn't completely eliminate the cramps for some time.

TMI warning: I kept expecting to get the runs. In fact, I hoped I might, because I felt that might have helped with the pain. But it never happened... (And I finally did poop a little bit -- very little and very constipated... sigh...) This day didn't go at all as planned, needless to say. Best thing? I was glad I hadn't gone to work and been sick there, because the only thing that would have made it worse was not being able to sit, or lie down or rock (or sit in the bathroom) when I needed to!

I'm sad not to accomplish anything today, but oh well. It is what it is. I'm feeling better at the moment and able to eat a bit, so that's good. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow.

Marilyn has this theory that our HOUSE makes us sick, by the way. We're both allergic to the house, in that we always start to sneeze and have sinus reactions to coming into the house. We always thought that getting new carpeting downstairs would help (it didn't) -- or having the furnace vents cleaned (nope), or getting a new furnace filter (nope). It's an older home (built in 1950), so it's hard to say what things might be going on here (building materials and so on -- or even mold that we can't see). So sometimes when we both feel bad like this and there doesn't seem to be a reason, Marilyn will blame it on the house. I imagine this isn't that odd for a lot of sensitive people in various homes all around the world...

I hope Marilyn feels better tomorrow. She has things she can't miss, so I'm sure she'll go back to work no matter what. No worries -- we'll both survive, I'm sure.

Watching a lot of Australian Open tennis...

And reading my book and really enjoying it. (I'm on the third book now, which I think is my least favorite, as I don't remember it that well. The first and last are my favorite books in the series. And these are maybe my favorite Arthurian myth books.)

That's my Wednesday.

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