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Monday Workday -- Plus Got Our Manicures (at lunch)...

Our lunch break today was going to get our much-needed manicures. I wish I had a photo of mine, as I really LOVE the way they turned out! They're Gel (which I've done several times now), and a glittery pink color. The first color I'd picked was a deep wine color -- but it must have been old, because it just messed up really bad on several fingers. She tried to do them over and finally gave up, making me pick a different color.

I was home this morning. Unfortunately, I forgot to run the dishwasher! For shame.

After getting our nails done, I went back to the office with Marilyn. I had some things I needed to do there, so it seemed like a good idea to get in the half day.

I walked over to get some lunch while Marilyn was doing Rich's annual review. I got a tuna sandwich and Marilyn's usual hard-boiled egg that she likes from Anne's Deli (Marilyn and I get food there a lot, but rarely ever eat there).

I did some tweaking of Marilyn's NEW computer today. I added the Ricoh printer, but Donn will have to add the other one. (I tried it several times, but it kept telling me I had the wrong printer drivers... sigh...) I also changed some of her DEFAULTS to make sense. For whatever reason (???), Win8 has some odd defaults. It doesn't use Adobe Reader, for example (why would that be???). Whatever it DOES use is impossible to exit without a warm boot -- can you say STUPID? And I changed the default photo viewer, too. (It kept wanting to open up Paint Shop Pro, which makes NO SENSE at all... sigh...) There will obviously be MORE tweaking with this new OS, but I'm sure it's going to work out fine.

The MAIN thing that had been annoying her with the old machine was problems with her Outlook. You know, Outlook is REALLY, REALLY buggy. I have issues all the time both at work and home. (sigh) Anyway, Marilyn was having to CONSTANTLY (and I mean constantly) enter her password to view email. Plus everything inside this application was so damn slow. Happily, that is now resolved! We'll see how the rest of it goes for her.

I checked with Jeff, who is pretty happy with his machine, as well. I'm going to have Donn resolve a minor problem when he comes in tomorrow, but otherwise Jeff is good to go!

Shelley had an issue with one of her dual monitors that I fixed... And I discussed another IT issue with Erin (I'll fix it tomorrow). So there was quite a bit of IT to check out, as usual...

I also took time to phone friend Sandy and chat with her for more than an hour. It's literally been YEARS since we spoke, but it was like we'd talked just yesterday! We did have to catch each other up a bit about what had been happening. I knew Sandy's mother had passed, but her last remaining relative -- her brother -- had also died. So she's all alone now. Thankfully she got very close to her brother's ex-girlfriend while he was in the hospital, who is now her very best friend -- and they see each other all the time. So she's not really alone (except for blood relatives). I always say we make our own families in many ways with our friends (extended families are a good thing).

Speaking of families, sister Sue and I chatted. She's still suffering from her cold and having a hard time breathing (due to her lung condition and the cold combined), poor thing. But we're hopefully seeing each other Wednesday (I plan to take her to lunch), so that's GOOD. (And Marilyn is already looking forward to the food I'm going to bring home for dinner Wednesday night... Hahaha!)

The weather is crazy-warm here -- in the 50's! What's up with that??? Sandy said they were having weather in the 50's there, too (she lives near to Boston) -- but normally they'd be in the teens this time of year. So strange!

And speaking of weather, we've been watching the Australian Open (Tennis), and the weather there is over 100 degrees!!! It's summer down under, so at least that makes sense!

Well, I think that's it for today. Busy work day coming up tomorrow!

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