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Another Stormy Day...

Kind of funny last night. Marilyn was sound asleep on the sofa in the family room. Henry (our yellow cat) was sound asleep in the chair in the corner of the room (used to be my chair, but the cats took it over ages ago). We have our old rocker in another corner of the room, and I used a thick towel to make it into another happy little 'cat bed.' Colin (our black cat) was sound asleep in the rocker. The only one WIDE AWAKE in the entire house was me. Hahaha.

Marilyn and I had started to watch the film "Beautiful Creatures," together. But she drifted off and I was awake watching it alone. It wasn't a horror film, so that didn't matter. (I'm not big on watching scary flicks all by myself late at night...) It wasn't fantastic or anything, though I found it interesting enough that I had to see the end. There was quality to the movie that made it worth seeing, even though I'm not sure I'd actually recommend it to anyone...

I tried to wake Marilyn to see if she wanted to actually go to bed, rather than sleep on the sofa, but she was really out. I put on "The Day They Hanged Kid Curry" (from cable), thinking it would be fine for her to sleep to. (She likes TV on when she's sleeping, but I don't like it to be something that might give her nightmares.) Then there was some Jerry Lewis movie was on, so I just let it play (harmless enough).

As for me, staying up for the movie meant I was awake when our local wind storm hit here (around 2:00 a.m.). It was slated to go from 2:00 - 4:00. I can't recall how late it kept me awake, but it was hard to go to sleep while it was raging outside. It was coming down our chimney and the flue for the furnace and really making a racket, even though Marilyn and the cats slept right through it. (smile) I wasn't really worried about it, it was just noisy. We had no damage right around here, though I guess some parts of town had their power knocked out (!!!) and trees down, etc.

We got up pretty good this morning, needing to head out for the funeral we were attending across town. Marilyn did a GREAT job of getting us there in a timely fashion. We had to walk in through POURING rain -- it was stupid of me not to wear something with a hood (or take an umbrella along). But we managed not to get too wet going inside.

As we entered, they handed each person a tiny metal (silver colored) heart and told us to 'remember the love.' How sweet! I held it in my hand during the entire service. It was a joint service for Betty and her husband Jim -- they died on the same day (!!!), a few hours apart. What amazing people they were, even more wonderful than we'd known before hearing people speak about them. They were Catholic, and we both really loved the service. Local 'celebrities' Michael Allen Harrison (the pianist and song writer) and singer Julianne Johnson were there to perform. It was interesting to find out what an amazing accompanist Michael is -- he really did his best to help Julianne, because today was far from her best performance. She has a powerful instrument, but she did a really bad job with both numbers. One was "Ave Maria," and it was pretty sad to hear her Latin there inside a Catholic church...

The pastor, Father Boly, was a delight. The Cantor (Katie Fullmer) had a lovely voice. All-in-all it was a really moving and lovely service. The only down side was that it was raining even harder when we left and I got really soaked going to the car. My pants we totally damp all along the bottom and my leather jacket was actually soaked all the way through. (brr)

The reception after was held downtown at the Benson Hotel (one of the nicest hotels in the city), in the Crystal room. Pretty grand. But we didn't attend. We did go and get a bite to eat after the funeral, though, which was nice.

We stopped by the office after the service and I moved some equipment I hadn't moved last night (with help from Marilyn!). Then we headed home and I took time to change out of my wet things and dry my hair. Then I got stuff ready and went out in the neighborhood to 'take Christmas' to our neighbors -- finally!

Thankfully it didn't rain that hard while I was out -- and I did end up inside at some houses. I did six houses today, so that's really good...

When I got back Marilyn and the cats were all asleep in the same places they'd been in late last night! I changed and headed for a much-needed nap. I barely stayed awake at all to read my current book on my Kindle.

When I got up I fixed dinner and we ate and watched TV, including "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune." All in all a nice -- and a PRODUCTIVE -- day! Tomorrow we have to go get our manicures and pedicures -- both long overdue! (And we should go to the office to work, too...)

Well, that's my Saturday. I hope your weekend is good!

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