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Tough Day? Yes. Tough People Facing It? You Bet!!!

Marilyn and I BOTH had tough days at work. No doubt about it! And we're a bit worn out tonight, little wonder...

Donn put in the longest day ever for him at the office, working either side-by-side with me, or on his own much of the time. (He was there from 9:00 to 6:00 without a break! Go, Donn!)


Jeff's new computer was set up and put in his office (with his dual monitors), ready to go.

Marilyn's new computer was put in her office -- much more complicated!!! -- (with new dual monitors, wide screen). She has Win8, so setting up her Outlook 2007 was really complicated (I did it on my own, I'm proud to report!!!) -- I phoned poor Kris several times before reasoning out how to do it. Plus I was having a BITCH of a time getting it online, but finally managed that, too.

Our issues with Remote Desktop with several of our machines may have finally been resolved!!! So exciting! Anyway, one machine was fixed for certain -- we'll have to see about the others, but it was looking good!

Kris may have resolved Ashley's issues that have been going on since last August (fingers crossed). I feel time will tell with that, but it's looking good so far.

Steven brought in a used file cabinet that we've set up for Tiffany to use. She's the only Seasonal Assistant who has to sit in an Intern space -- and it's the same spot she had when she was an Intern back in 2012. I understand she's unhappy about this, but we potentially will have two (and maybe even three) more people coming on Staff -- and we'll need the extra Intern space that was given up for Caroll last year (one of those really BAD decisions -- and, yes, it was mine). So suck it up, because I work in a smaller space here at home every day, after all... (Nice of Steven to bring in that file cabinet. The top of it gives her extra surface space -- plus the drawers give her storage. So it seems like a very fair compensation. (Thanks, Steven!)

The lunch meeting with Kris went well, too. We should be making some positive moves as early as next week...

By the way, there was a lot of DRAMA -- and I pretty much lacked a sense of humor about it. Rich tried to get me to go to Starbucks at 10:00, but I had to decline -- just too damn busy. Later he made jokes (around 5:30) about my problems, but I wasn't in the mood. I probably owe him an apology. His heart was in the right place, but sometimes trying to joke with somebody under the gun who has been trying for hours to resolve issues is just not going to work...

Marilyn had a GFP meeting in the late afternoon -- and she was under the gun, too. Plus at that point I was in her office with things torn apart as I put her new computer in place. Talk about bad timing! But I just couldn't let it go another minute. It's needed to happen since June, and it's finally done.

Of course, Win8 is going to be interesting, to say the least! If you open a PDF from email, you're pretty well STUCK in whatever damn reader it auto opens (and I don't think it's Adobe). There's still work to do, but we'll have to wait and see how it shakes out...

It was good to get home. I was so worn out I just sat down in front of TV and fell asleep. We ate some easy-to-fix food late. I kept talking about having a drink (hahaha), but that did not happen. Coffee and pop, that's it. I had enough tea at lunch to float away -- talk about hydration! (grin)

All the difficulties aside, today was really successful. Unfortunately I think I pulled a muscle lifting tons of equipment (plus the file cabinet and assorted other things). Painful, but I won't die. Hahaha. Friends, don't worry about me and my health -- when I need to do heavy lifting and put in lots of hours of work, I can do it, and then some! (I'm tougher than people think.) I was smiling a bit when Donn didn't want to face that staircase at one point. If I had a dollar for every time I climb it up and down daily, I'd sure have a huge pile (piles?) of money. Hahaha.

Oh! We had visitors to the office this morning. I love it when people come through (we're in a building on the National Historic Register). I adore giving tours, so I jumped in and helped out when they came upstairs. I ended up getting to talk to the entire group, then having four students stay behind to talk additionally with me about the space. (Christine thanked me afterwards for helping tour them. I've gotten to do it several times, and I really like it...)

Well, that's it for today. We have a funeral in the morning, for Betty Woods Gimarelli (mentioned HERE). And we need to go in to work at the office this weekend. Plus I need to 'do Christmas' for our neighbors (finally). Plus we need to go get manicures and pedicures, too. The weekend is making me tired, and it hasn't quite started, yet. (sigh)

I wanted to phone JUNE today -- and find out what happened at the eye doctor!!! I hope everything went okay. I have some presents to take to her, but I didn't manage to get over there yesterday. And obviously I had no time today... Oh well.

We did talk briefly to sister Sue tonight. She has a cribbage tournament this weekend. (I tried to see her yesterday, but she was tied up.)

OHHHHHHHH! By the way, we're facing a STORM tonight! Rain and high WINDS! (ugh) Hope it's not too bad!

Well, good night all!

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