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Earrings and Piercings

I can't even say what year I originally got my ears pierced. It's a very long time ago. I don't wear earrings all the time anymore. My long hair hides them, anyway. But there was a time when I felt naked when I forgot to put them on. I think that's true for many women -- and maybe quite a few men, too.

At Christmas time I was wearing some holiday earrings and they apparently infected my piercing for my right ear. It's been bothering me on and off ever since. I kept hunting around for my original piercing posts, which are very thick and gold. These are designed for when you've first been 'punched' and the hole is still healing. I finally found them today (I knew I'd never have parted with them). I had them really hidden away...

I also have stainless steel posts that I got when I added a second hole to one ear. I had found one of those (and found the second today), but hadn't been able to get that to go into the infected spot. Probably because it was so swollen and infected at the time. But I did get both in today. And I treated them with Tea Tree Oil and they feel better. I'd already treated them with Campho-Phenique, which had helped (and is probably why I could put the posts in this time around).

This got me on a hunt for a book about the history of earrings. I can't find one that's affordable, and there are none in eBook format, I'm afraid. But I think it would be fascinating to read about. Earrings have been around almost as long as man has, and they have numerous uses, aside from personal decoration (jewelry).

(Say! Did you know that pirates would wear a gold ring so that the gold could cover the cost of returning their bodies to their families if they died when at sea? I thought that was interesting!)

In early times, earrings were more associated with men than women, which didn't surprise me to read. Earrings have gone in and out of fashion, anyway. My mother never had pierced ears, because it wasn't the fashion -- she always had clip-on earrings. (I still have some of these.) And when I first starting wearing earrings, that's what I had, too...

Aside from my earrings saga (smile), this was a busy day working in my home office. Plus I did the garbage and recycling and a few things around the house.

Tomorrow Marilyn and I have the lunch meeting with Kris to discuss IT. And Donn and I will be working on a pile of IT projects... It's going to be a very busy day!

Well, that's it for today. I'm really tired, so I'm heading to read my Kindle and nap.

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