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Rainy Day Working at Home

I was home today. The lovely part of the day was SLEEPING IN (!!!) with both cats (Colin AND Henry) beside me. (smile) Marilyn and I got new Indian blankets at the beach at Christmas, and I had one spread out on the bed beside me. Both cats decided this blanket was very cool to lie on, so they curled up and had a long rest while I napped and read my Kindle...

I did get some things done today, after I got up. I had festival work that needed doing. I'm trying to get my email (at work and home) really organized again, and catch up on some of the paperwork that seems to slide now. Back when I had less tasks, I was better about updating my paperwork. But there's a LOT of it, and it's not that easy to stay on top of it now. (sigh)

I also picked up a bit around the house (kitchen, living room, family room and office -- and a tiny bit in my bedroom). Plus I gathered and took out a bunch of recycling and garbage, too.

Friend (and neighbor) June got her second eye surgery done first thing this morning. She'll find out tomorrow how it's doing. But she and I chatted for ages via the phone today and she was laughing and seemed in very good spirits. Good thoughts and prayers for June are appreciated, of course -- thanks! I'm happy for her that both eyes are now done. What a great way to start off the New Year!

Donn and I chatted at length about computers and related IT subjects today -- I wanted to be prepared for the meeting Marilyn and I are having with Kris on Friday...

Dinner tonight was roast beef hash, cottage cheese, hominy and kale (yes, kale, again!) -- and very yummy!

Marilyn had a long, hard day with quite a bit of drama (I hope it resolves in a positive way tomorrow). Sometimes her job is very, very hard...

Henry hasn't been doing very well lately, though he hangs in there. Right now he's sleeping in the chair beside me as I type this.

Talked briefly to sister Sue this morning. I'm hoping she and I can actually see each other tomorrow...

Tried to contact Gary from Franklin about the website today, but didn't reach him. Left a message, but he never phoned back. I hope I can reach him tomorrow. Marilyn and I would like to set a meeting with him for Friday, if possible.

There's a lot to get done in the office, but I'll try not to think about it too much before Friday. Meanwhile I have lots that can be done right here at home. I did some website stuff today and will undoubtedly be doing more of the same in days to come. The NEW website is supposed to roll out in February -- but in the meantime we need a working site for all that's going on! So I keep on doing my job, of course.

Tonight I spent HOURS removing photos from my WAY TOO FULL iPad. I deleted more than one thousand images, believe it or not (!!!). I was totally out of space, so there was really no choice. I need to keep this up if I want a functional iPad.

And that's pretty much my day. Bedtime soon.

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