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Work Today. (Still Don't Feel That Great...)

No, neither one of us is back to normal quite yet. But as I said, we had to go to the office today, even so. There was a ton of work to get done. Marilyn and I first went to pick up her prescriptions, then got the car washed on our way there. (That took a bit of time, as everybody else had the same idea!) Anyway, our car looks much better now.

It was a pretty, sunny day, with blue skies. But so cold! Can't really complain, compared to so many parts of the country (poor people). And I've been on and off too warm/hot or too cold. It felt good to be in the cold (unheated) building today.

We got there late afternoon and worked for more than four and a half hours. A lot when you consider I have the strength of a kitten right now. I even had to carry a very heavy computer tower all the way downstairs (it's a huge flight) at one point...

I had a lot to do, catching up the computer and phone work. It takes ages (or so it seems). I had to set up phones for all the new people, first assigning their extensions for 2014, then going into the back end of the phone system to do each phone profile. (No, co-workers. It doesn't just 'happen.') I also set up the two new Profiles for Tuesday on the Server, and got one of the computers set up with the new Profile. The other is barely started, but unfortunately we lost another computer today. (sigh)

The computer that went down was purchased in the early 2000's (probably 2002 or 2003). And it's seen hard use since then! I was, um, in fine fettle cursing at equipment today, believe me! Hahaha! A new person had moved her file cabinet and run over computer cables/cords -- and suddenly I had a computer that wasn't turning on. It's hard for people to understand how we have to BABY this old stuff. Of course, as I said to Marilyn, I'm even more protective of the NEW stuff when we finally get it! So you can't win, I guess. I get that people want to re-arrange their spaces, but when it comes to computers and phones, they need to leave stuff alone. The file cabinet went back where it needs to be to make room for the computer equipment. Sorry, but there's no option there!

When I'd discovered I could remote to Tiffany's computer (Andy's is done), we were out of there (finally). And we dashed to get takeout (we were both starved!), then to go to Walmart to pick up something we both needed for our iPads.

We got home in time to watch "Revenge" while eating our Mexican food. And I splurged on a Clamoto and beer, which I felt I'd earned (!!!) today.

Thankfully tomorrow is the last 'Marilyn Monday' -- so we both officially have the day off. Then Tuesday should be CRAZY!!!

Marilyn and I discussed the computer situation. It looks like we'll recommend not making ANY changes until after the 2014 Season. We can do some work checking things out before then, of course. But July or August (or even September) is a much better time to try and make major system changes. So Thin Client or a dozen new machines with new OS will have to wait. Hopefully we can make it through six months with the old WinXP, support going away in March or no.

I'm off to play a bit before bed. That's all for today!

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