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Still Sick. (Maybe a Little Better...)

We watched another On Demand movie today. We saw "Despicable Me 2" (believe it or not!). Marilyn doesn't tend to like animated movies, as a rule, so it's a big deal when she enjoys one. And we both really did enjoy this. (No, we never saw the original movie, but you don't need to have seen it to enjoy the sequel.)

We watched the Saturday version of "Jeopardy," which is some old episode. Then we tried to phone sister Sue after to see if she'd watched, but nobody answered. (I left a message on her house phone, but nothing.) It worries us a bit knowing that she, too, is sick. But hopefully she was just asleep. (She wrote a comment to yesterday's entry saying she was going to stay down today...)

We continue to nibble on the food we got yesterday -- and we're glad to have it! No cooking going on, beyond making some toast and tea.

Jerry from Franklin High School phoned me today. He's called before -- he's the one I'll be working on for the Franklin Alumni website. He's also involved with another group that needs a website, too, so he wants to talk to me about that, as well. I'll have to decide if I can do these, or not... Hmm... I'm somewhat committed to help with the Franklin site -- but if they genuinely only want the same site as Roosevelt's, then it shouldn't be too hard. It's the second site that I'll have to consider.

We've mainly SLEPT and watched TV today. And we sat up to play a little Zuma late tonight. Saw some good episodes of "Frasier." Read my current book and finished it ("The Crystal Cave," by Mary Stewart -- a favorite of mine that I haven't read in years). On to the next book in the series. (smile)

Oh! Forgot to mention! Last night when we couldn't sleep, we got the documentary film "Birth of the Living Dead," which tells about the creation of the movie "Night of the Living Dead." Fascinating tale of how in 1968 they made this independent movie that created the modern zombie. And it was much more than just a movie about zombies -- the lead was a black man, something that was pretty rare in those days. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this movie to everyone, even if you're not a horror or zombie fan. The political aspects alone are worth a view.

AND, we got a nice note from Ralph (our amazing handy man at the beach). He's so special -- and we're so lucky to have him in our lives!!!

And that's it for today. Hope I feel well enough tomorrow to go to the office and WORK!!!

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