CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

We're Sick (Marilyn and Me)...

Another day sick. Marilyn had important things on her calendar (for that matter, so did I), but oh well. It all we can do to sit up.

Speaking of, we just got back from the grocery store. No, we didn't want to go out, believe me. We feel like crap and are shaky and weak and still suffering -- and we LOOK awful, too (which is bad when you're out in public around people!!!). But we had to have some things, so we went. Being out of food to eat isn't great.

We got some things that don't require either of us to cook, so we can just dish things up and eat when hungry. Part of the time I don't feel like eating, but mostly I do get hungry (at least a little), so it's nice to have easy things to eat.

We're drinking a lot of tea and beverages (good to stay hydrated). And we just got some veggies! Both raw and canned. I'm burping everything I eat right now (the bug), but I haven't been throwing up so far, thank God. The tomatoes taste WONDERFUL, I have to say.

I guess I've lost a little weight while sick, because my pants were hanging on me and dropping off my hips (which happens when I'm thinner...). That could be a good thing, I guess. Hahaha.

We got a movie in the middle of the night when neither one of us could sleep. "The Best Offer" is a 2013 film that stars the amazing Geoffrey Rush. I highly recommend this movie. He was wonderful in it, as he always is!

Sleeping is hard right now. We're not horribly sick, but the body aches are pretty bad. It's almost impossible to sleep for the pain, I've found. I'm pretty cranky because of lack of sleep...

Sounds like sister Sue has it, too. (She doesn't think so, but when I hear the way she feels it reminds me of how we're both feeling...) In fact, I heard on the news that Oregon was one of three states in the US that are having the most flu outbreaks right now.

I managed to do the recycling. But I'll keep the garbage (including the cats boxes) until tomorrow. Hopefully I'll feel better then.

Well, we're going to drink our tea and have something to nibble on and get another On Demand movie. We had considered going to the office tomorrow, but it's looking like Sunday going by how we feel right now. (sigh) Well, we'll get our work done, I'm sure. By the way, found out today I'm training TWO people on Tuesday -- and need to set up two profiles and two computers (and phones), rather than one...

Stay healthy, my friends (and family)!!! (If you can.)

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