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First Day of 2014. I'm Sick. (sigh)

Well, I don't know if I have a mild case of the flu, or what, but I sure have felt lousy today. This is really NOT how I wanted to spend the first day of the New Year. (sigh)

I don't understand it. We spent an entire week at the beach house on vacation. Much of that time we took it VERY EASY around the house. We didn't even go out all that much while we were there. We got loads of relaxation and SLEEP (and drank little or no alcohol, holidays or no). Our focus was NOT on work at all for that entire week -- and I did almost nothing related to work. We barely even talked about work, which is pretty odd for us.

I guess I should be glad I'm not worse. I ache all over and my glands are swollen and I have a sore throat and headache (swallowing almost kills me). And I'm either too hot or chilled on and off. Plus I've barely eaten and everything (even soup) makes me nauseous. But I don't have the runs, I'm not throwing up and I'm not coughing -- and I know plenty of people who are really sick right now. So like I said, looking on the bright side, things could be much worse...

Really enjoyed what we saw of "The Walking Dead" Marathon yesterday and today. Spent some time putting up Edits for my TWD Instagram account.

Marilyn continues to do AWESOME Edits for her "Revenge" Instagram account. I love it so much that she's learned so much about graphic art! She's better than I am at loads of it, now. As I've always said, she was the naturally talented artist in our family from childhood. I did a little bit in grade school, but didn't really get into art until high school -- and she was doing it before she even started school! And was amazing in kindergarten! (No, I'm not kidding here.) It seems only right to me that she should be able to do these wonderful things with her various iPad Apps.

It's not as if she never used Paint Shop Pro, by the way -- because she used it quite often in the past. But this is a whole new level of art coming from her...

And, yes, it's handy for work, too. Not that everything we need to do has to be something we can also use for work, but admittedly it's quite helpful.

Speaking of work, we didn't take the full week off, so we're supposed to go back tomorrow. I doubt I'll feel up to it. We could have easily taken this week off and started again Monday, but it is what it is. I do have a new person starting on Tuesday who I'm training -- and I need to set up her Profile and computer before that time. So I need to get in the office before Tuesday, whatever happens...

Anyway, I have high hopes for many good things in 2014 -- for my friends and family, for the festival, for the nation and world, too, for that matter. And for me. A new year always seems like a fresh start and a chance to say goodbye to negativity and hello to all things positive! (And I've always been a glass half full person, so that works for me.) I like new goals and making changes and having new plans. Marilyn and I have quite a few and are excited to put them in place.

Here's wishing YOU and yours equal excitement over 2014. I hope your DREAMS will come true!

Oh, before I close for today, two exciting things! Our friend Shari called US yesterday to wish us Happy New Year! She hasn't been up to phoning at all for months, so this was just wonderful!!! She seems to be much better than she has been, so we're delighted by her improvement.

And our friend Sandy (who lives near Boston) had left us a message on our answering machine here at home that we received when we got back -- she did get the package we sent her and was very pleased. I need to give her a call soon. (We were a bit worried that she might not even be at the same address, it had been so long since we'd been in touch...) We've known her through fandom for ages now, but we lost touch in recent years. (She doesn't use a computer or have email, so that's inconvenient. And she doesn't write letters anymore, either. So it's not easy to stay connected...)

Being close to Shari and Sandy matters to us. We care deeply about all our friends -- cyber and otherwise. Work often uses up our time, so we need to make an effort to find time for people (and not just the people we work with -- and there are LOADS of them!).

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