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Another Day at the Beach House...

Christmas has been put away, including our tree. It was pretty much the first thing we did today. It's so much easier here at the beach house for several reasons: Lots of storage in the garage (only a few steps to climb), the tree doesn't really have to be taken down like at the Portland house (we keep it up and covered by a sheet out in the garage), less stuff to begin with (so much 'historic' stuff I like to put up at the Portland house) and we do it together (I do it alone in Portland). So the task wasn't bad.

I've fighting some bug. A cold (yet again)? Or a mild case of the flu? (I never did get in to get a shot... sigh...) I'm feeling better tonight and was able to eat (I felt kind of sick to my stomach much of the day, I'm afraid).

I went on a hunt today among our books here to find a certain David Morrell book I've been wanting to re-read. I couldn't recall the title, which is "Testament" (copyright 1975). I searched and searched and finally found it, I'm happy to report. The front of the book is stamped with the address of a used book store in Florida. Years back when running B-1 (an international fan club), Marilyn and I made friends with Zac (Zachary) who lived in Florida. He knew I loved David's writing, so he sent me several of his books as a gift. Isn't that sweet??? Lost track of Zac ages ago, but have tried to find him since with no luck. Marilyn has offered to help me hunt him up and I think I'll have her do that. (I'd just love to know what happened to him. Things were bad for him at the point where he quit writing and calling...) Marilyn is reading a Morrell book right now via Kindle (on her iPad), by the way.

Well, I'm typing this on my laptop in the living room of our beach house. It's now around 11:00 p.m. on Monday, so obviously we didn't end up heading home today. (smile)

We just decided to wait and go tomorrow. Most of the garbage is out (I had quite a time getting it all in the can -- we really need a bigger one) and some stuff is started to be packed up. We'll finish packing in the morning and head home.

"Castle" just got over -- it was entertaining (what I saw).

We got an On Demand movie tonight. (It's exciting that we have On Demand here now, which is relatively new, by the way. Charter isn't the best cable ever...) We got "Elysium," which was written, directed and co-produced by Neill Blomkamp, and starred Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. Frankly, we found it terribly boring. I wouldn't recommend it at all.

Exciting news: We got the keys to our mail box here (which is across the street). We're not sure why we find this so exciting, considering we probably will never get any mail here, but it's still cool to both of us. (grin) We took time to go over to the post office in Seaside to pick it up. Oddly enough, they didn't even require any ID for this purpose (!!!)...

Well, that's it for today...

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