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Still at the Beach House. Heading Home Tomorrow...

Well, it's past 10:00 on Sunday night, and Marilyn (Colin, Henry) and I are still here at the beach house. We just decided to wait and go home TOMORROW, instead of today. There was nothing that pressing we needed to get done, so we stayed on -- and had a lovely day!

We did take a lovely drive. It was sunny today and a perfect time to be out and about. And we took bottles of wine to the woman at The Crabby Oyster and to Jon at Belle Buoy (late Christmas) -- and got hugs from both. (smile)

We had crab and shrimp cocktails to eat (from Belle Buoy), always a treat.

We also finally were able to take our Christmas goodies over to John and his family (who live nearby). We're really glad we did, as they told us we'd be getting NEW MAILBOXES (!!!) here, that have locks! It's very exciting, because our old mailboxes were in bad, bad shape -- and because they didn't lock, there was no way we could ever get any mail down here. Now we can leave the key with John or Ralph and they can check our mail for us. Very cool!

Apparently the new parking lot for the church that's across the street from us went over budget by around half a million dollars (!!!), from what John said. The church can happily afford it. They ended up responsible for a bunch of fixes the city refused to pay. One of these was fixing the street drains for the cross street (can't think of the name right now) -- the one that would constantly block up and cause such terrible flooding by our house. We knew it had been fixed, because the last time we were here in very heavy rains there was no sign at all of flooding (!!!) -- but we didn't know WHY. Cool!

And we also got a brand new crosswalk painted in on the corner across from our house -- also part of the work that got done. The mailboxes are part of all this -- they look very cool, let me tell you...

Yes, we need to get the car in and serviced. And to get our manicures and pedicures (which can wait until next weekend, I think). There are a couple of other things we talked about doing (like getting the car washed), but it can all wait until we get home. It's just one day, after all!

We did get the cat boxes cleaned -- and the entire powder room cleaned. Awful that we didn't have that done for when company was here!!! (Marilyn felt very bad about it...)

Sister Sue considered coming down for the day, but couldn't convince Nicole to come. Too bad. But hopefully she'll get here another time soon...

Still need to take out tons of garbage and put away the tree and all of Christmas. As well as pack for the trip home. I guess we'll do all that tomorrow. (Unless we get inspired late tonight.)

We've had a WONDERFUL vacation, I have to tell you! The best. Perfect as we get ready to face another year. Things will starting gearing up again soon...

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