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Saturday at the Beach House -- a Few Chores.

Marilyn and I went shopping today to get pulls and handles for the drawers and cupboards in our beach kitchen. It drives us both nuts not having them, because everything is so hard to open. And we love the look with the hardware, so can't wait to get them put up. While at Home Depot I got a new hammer. Fascinating that it has a plastic handle, rather than wood...

We also want to get them for the bathrooms, too. We'll get those at a later date.

We also went to the leather store and got a couple of blankets -- and Marilyn got a mini-backpack purse (very nice).

We had to stop and grab a couple things from Safeway, too. Every store was really hot for whatever reason, making it really uncomfortable. It was nice to get home again. (smile)

Tonight we went to the Crabby Oyster for dinner, then back to the arcade to play Fascination and some more games. Fun, fun!

After that we went for ice cream. The shop had just closed, but she let us get cones, anyway. Suddenly the shop was full of people! She must have served another dozen people after us! (I tipped her $3.50 for being so nice -- hope the others tipped her well, too.) Then we walked to the turn around and looked at the beach and ocean in the dark, which we love to do. But it was pretty cold there with our ice cream. Hahaha.

We went back to the arcade again then finally home. We had homemade popcorn and at watching "The Black Cat" on TV.

That's our Saturday! We're heading home tomorrow, so there's lots to do. Take down our tree and put away all of Christmas. Clean and so on, before packing up. Makes me tired to type it. Hahaha.

Anyway, we'll head to bed soon. It's been a lovely vacation at the beach house. So wonderful. Marilyn and I feel very, very blessed.

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