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Nice Vacation Day at the Beach House!

I have a tiny 'buzz' from drinking half a beer. We decided to have a beer when we got back from going into town.

Today was another very lazy day. We stayed up all night last night (until past 7:00 a.m. this morning), then slept very late (I don't recall how late). We both washed our hair today -- and I used Marilyn's walk-in shower for the very first time. (I have a bath with shower in my own bathroom, which is what I usually use, but I wanted to give her shower a try. It's really very nice!)

We slept or just laid around a ton today. Playing with our Instagram accounts, mostly, when awake. And watching a ton of METV -- really enjoying those old shows. (smile)

We decided to go into town and play at the arcade tonight. I'd love to be sharing photos, if I could only reason out the easy way to upload photos to LiveJournal from an iPad. As far as I can tell so far, that's far from simple. You can't just go to LJ on your iPad and upload to the Gallery (Scrapbook). I've no clue WHY NOT. I mean, why would it be that different than uploading photos from your computer???

The thing is, all our recent/current photos are on our iPads and iPhones. There's no easy way to move these to our computers (either desktops or laptops). If you could easily get photos here to LJ, I'd go back to sharing them again. I used to love doing that, after all! But I rarely use my digital camera these days -- instead I use my phone camera. It's just so easy! I always have it with me, and my camera is inconvenient, so I rarely have it along.

Anyway, I'm still studying up on this. Maybe I'll reason it out at some point. That could be a goal for 2014!

While at the arcade, Marilyn and I played Scat Cat and then Wheel of Fortune. I hit on 150 points (!!!), which would be like hitting the million spot on the wheel on TV. I didn't solve, but I still got 750 points -- and that's a ticket per point. So the machine starts running off tickets and we're just laughing and laughing. I've got them looped around me and in my arms and I'm dragging them on the floor as we go to the machine you feed them into to add up and get a spendable receipt. We had tickets from Christmas Day and from today and my personal total was 884 tickets. It was just crazy! And fun. Hahaha.

Well, we're about to get ready for bed. We have a lot of things planned for tomorrow. We're heading home on Sunday, so we'll need to do whatever needs doing tomorrow, like take down the Christmas stuff and pack it all away. So I'll end for now.

Missed a call from June today. I'll try and remember to call her back tomorrow. Sent a text to Donn and got a couple from him -- he worked at the office today, I'm glad to report.

Watching a bunch of 'real' renovations on HGTV -- with ordinary people doing their own renos. Very interesting. They struggle like crazy, but almost every time come in on time or earlier, and under budget. Because they're US -- average Joes who don't buy fancy things (like custom cabinets and top grade granite countertops) or expect perfection.

I started thinking back to tons of jobs I've done by myself or helping my Dad in my lifetime -- doing things in slapdash fashion and hoping for the best. I've helped put on roofs and helped with plumbing and electrical and laying flooring and on and on. I'm not good at any of it, mind you. I just did what had to be done because we couldn't afford to pay to have it done. Marilyn and I are so lucky to have been able to afford to pay for things like our second bathroom in Portland and help from Ralph here in Seaside. Such a blessing!

DIY is not my thing. I'd prefer never to do any half-assed jobs ever again, but won't count on that, believe me...

On that note, off to bed!

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