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An Entire Day to Relax -- Our Boxing Day!

For those who celebrate, Happy Boxing Day! (Also known some places as Second Christmas Day.)

Marilyn and I had discussed possibly going shopping today, but we never left the house. We spent much of the day lying around or sleeping, believe it or not. Lovely!

We find it so relaxing to be here at the beach house. We have the fire going in the living room (or the electric fire place in Marilyn's bedroom) -- and there's something so nice about it. Right now as I type this, Marilyn is lying on the sofa snoozing. Henry (Tudor Cat) is in his 'tent' in the chair in the corner. Colin (Kitty) is lying on some tissue paper on the floor. And me? I'm sitting in my recliner with my laptop set up on a small table in front me so I can blog without going upstairs to the office...

I like using my laptop here in the living room so I can stay downstairs with TV and the fire. I use my laptop at home in the family room downstairs to avoid going upstairs to our office, amusingly enough. (At least at home our office has TV if we want to watch it. Here at the beach house we only have TV in two rooms, the living room and Marilyn's bedroom -- the same two rooms that have fireplaces...)

See how spoiled I am? An office both in Portland and here. The office here isn't actually in a separate room -- it's located in the open area at the end of the upstairs hall, just outside my bedroom. There would have been room to put a desktop computer in my (very large) bedroom, but that spot was perfect to make into an office area. There's even room for a chair, small table and lamp as something of a reading nook -- along with three large bookcases. But when I don't feel like using my offices either here or at the Portland house, then I'm lucky enough to have my laptop to use.

We've got "The Godfather: Part III" playing on TV on AMC. Unfortunately, AMC cuts the crap out of movies like this with strong language. And sometimes such language is necessary! Oh well. Speaking of, while we were getting the pizza last night, AMC cut a whole scene from "El Dorado" -- one that is necessary to the plot. They were apparently making the movie more PC (politically correct). Really? Let it go. People can reason out that it's wrong, but certain behaviors are historically correct, whether PC or no... (sigh)

Dinner was fish and string beans, with cottage cheese. Back to more healthy eating, after several days of too many carbs. Hard to believe we ate pizza after all that time avoiding it!

Henry just got out of his tent to lie by the fire, which he ADORES!!!

We actually like "The Godfather: Part III" (Marilyn and I), even though it got terrible reviews. Anyway, it's fun to see it, even cut up like it is.

Watched a lot of TV today, too. Relaxing and fun...

We had peppermint ice cream for dessert a bit ago. Lovely! Don't know why you can't buy it all year long.

I guess that's it for today!

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