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Merry Christmas!!!

Marilyn and I had such a lovely Christmas!!!

We started out our day heading out to SHOP for some food (!!!) for the house -- and the last of our presents for others, too. We got a bunch of chips and dips and whatnot. But didn't get either ham or a meat tray. That just did NOT work out. But it turned out fine!

We had to get gas at one point (and gave the attendant a five-dollar tip). While at Safeway I was treated almost like a celebrity. I'm not kidding. I just ended up chatting with a bunch of total strangers and hugging and laughing with so many people. It was wonderful! Hard to explain here, but really cool, even so.

Marilyn and I also went into town and walked to the turnaround. We met up with some Russian people and took their pictures for them -- then had them do the same for us. Then the woman and I did photos together! It was so much fun and so special. I swear our whole day was like that!

We wrapped up the last of the gifts and took some stuff to the neighbors next door. (Nobody answered, so we left the stuff on the porch. Hopefully they got it -- but nobody knocked to tell us...) We tried to take stuff over to John and his family, but they appear to be away for Christmas...

Quickly, before I forget, for all my friends who celebrate:

Merry Christmas!

And Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever you believe in and celebrate during this special time of year...

June and Jim came down around noon-ish. We ate snacks and decided to get a Fultano's pizza for our dinner (they were open until 9:00 p.m.!!!). We didn't go to a movie, as "Saving Mr. Banks" isn't playing down here yet. So we debated several movies we own and ended watching John Wayne's "El Dorado" and enjoying it immensely! Hard to believe, but June and Jim had never seen it before -- and it's an all-time fave of Marilyn's and mine, so it was delightful to see it yet again! Great movie!

We did 'do Christmas' and have them unwrap the gifts we had for them. And we unwrapped some gifts we had under the tree. All fun!

Chatting and visiting and laughing and sharing -- it was truly wonderful. It reminds us how blessed we are to have good friends (and neighbors!).

When we went to get the pizza, Marilyn and I left them to watch the movie and we drove into town. We ordered a small and a medium -- and went off to play a few games. When our order was up, they gave us TWO mediums, instead (for the same price). Like I said, sweet and touching things happened all day long. Seriously!

June and Jim drove home and phoned when they got there. They had a nice drive home with fog that was no problem and limited traffic. Good deal!

And we phoned and wished our friend Shari a Merry Christmas and chatted with her.

Saw the "I Love Lucy" Christmas Special -- newly restored and colorized. Amazing!

I'm probably forgetting things, it was such a full day.

Feeling very full (first pizza in a year and a half, by the way!), very happy and really blessed. A truly perfect Christmas!

Oh. Loved the midnight MASS from the Vatican last night. Who can not love this Pope??? He's really something.

Bed soon. And then we plan to go SHOP tomorrow! (woo hoo)

Having a great vaca, for those who are wondering!

Blessings and LOVE to all of you!
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