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Happy Christmas Eve! Happy Holidays!

Whatever you may celebrate, dear friends, Happy Holidays!!!

And to those of you Christians, I hope you've enjoyed your Christmas Eve! Marilyn and I did.

We spent our morning preparing to come here to our beach house. Packing was interesting: We had a lot of stuff to bring down (unwrapped gifts for others, gifts we have that we want to open tomorrow and lots of other things).

We left before noon for the drive down. There was a lot of FOG during portions of the trip -- and some of the time there was rather heavy traffic. But all in all it wasn't a bad trip at all. And the cats were WONDERFUL during the drive! Even when awake, they didn't complain.

It was quite cold in the house when we arrived. And we had a lot of unpacking to do. But we settled in quickly. It was lovely to come to a house that was already decorated for Christmas. So pretty! We did bring some new things with us to add, though. And an old decoration that Mom gave us years ago before she died -- it's a white and gold basket of flowers and ornaments that lights up when plugged in. Very special to us -- and it fits our Christmas colors here nicely!

We had a long nap and then went to dinner for Chinese (eating Chinese food has long been our family tradition for Christmas Eve). After that we tried to go grocery shopping, but Safeway was closed. It will be open in the morning, so we'll dash over early in the day.

I had planned to bring down ham, but Marilyn decided it was too old to eat. (So the coyote or whatever other animals turn up got a nice dinner tonight! The crows and even the squirrels were at it when we put it out. I had NO IDEA that squirrels would eat meat -- what a surprise!) So we'll get a meat platter for tomorrow and maybe more ham (or not). We need to get things to nibble on at home, as we don't think there are ANY restaurants open anyway near here -- odd, but apparently the case. (It's a small town and the places nearby are, too. They close up for holidays!) We don't cook Christmas dinner, as we prefer snacking to a big meal -- and even with June and Jim here, that's only four of us!

We did watch "House Without a Christmas Tree" while doing our decorating and wrapping our gifts for under the tree for June and Jim (and some neighbor stuff we have for people down here). Watching that movie is a family tradition, too.

You should see all the tissue paper all over the floor! The boys are having fun playing with it! The cats seem happy to be here.

Well midnight MASS from the Vatican is playing now and I'm anxious to pay attention, so I'll cut this short. It's nearly midnight now.

Bless you all! Keeping you close to me in thoughts (and prayers).

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