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No, We Didn't Leave for the Beach Today...

Actually we slept somewhat late again. It looks like we're already starting our goal to get more sleep. (grin)

Marilyn did her hair first thing and then we got our package for friend Sandy and headed to the local post office. We had to wait in a short line -- really not bad at all! Here's the humorous part: We could have gotten the package there by tomorrow. But it would have cost $62 (!!!). Can you imagine? I have to admit, getting a package from here to the Boston area in one day is amazing. But that's pretty high, regardless... So we went to the $22 cost instead -- which will be there by December 26 (only one day late!). Sandy hasn't had a package from us in ages -- and we've been late more often than not. So I'm sure she'll be stunned to get something that close to the big day. Hahaha.

It did feel GREAT to get that done. Again, Marilyn amazes me with her willingness to do so much. Helping me wrap the gifts and then driving us there and paying for postage. She's wonderful.

After that we headed down to the office. We started our day finding out that a dear friend passed away over the weekend. Her name is Betty Woods Gimarelli, and she's a well-known creator of ornaments (one of her ornaments was featured in "People" in 2009). So Marilyn and I headed down to the office to let people know and post about it for the festival. (Betty made our Centennial ornament in 2007.) She was a truly gracious lady -- a dying breed, I'm afraid. Another gracious lady (our first-ever female president of the festival) and dear friend, Gerri, took the time to contact us about Betty.

So we visited a bit in the office then took off and stopped to shop at Safeway. It was quite busy there. Surprisingly more busy than the post office!

Finally we came home and had something to eat.

I did dash by tonight to see June and Jim and take their kitty her Christmas stocking, which she loved. It was great to chat with both June and Jim -- and to see kitty play with her toys!

And I got the garbage and recycling out -- this is our 'real' week, so I don't dare miss it, even if we won't be home! I've got more than a week's worth of garbage right now! So I gathered up the rest of the garbage and did the cat boxes. And got everything outside. Jim will put the roll carts down for us -- so nice of him!

I think June and Jim are confirmed to come down for Christmas Day! We'll snack and go to a movie and have a good time, I'm sure.

OH! Almost forgot to mention that we phoned Shari this morning to wish her a Happy Birthday and see if she'd opened her gifts. She was pretty good when she talked to Marilyn. She even seemed to have some idea of the amount of money we'd spent on her, which was a surprise. (I wonder if someone she lives with said something about the cost?) Marilyn assured her we hadn't spent that much, because we certainly didn't want to make her feel bad! It's sometimes hard to tell if Shari likes her gifts or not, so I can't really say. But hopefully she could tell that we love her and care about her...

I also talked to Donn about what he's going to work on tomorrow at the office...

I guess I don't need to say that we did NOT leave for the beach house this morning -- or today! We'll try to be off early tomorrow, but there's supposed to be icy roads in the morning. (sigh)

That's my Monday!

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