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Shopping at Costco and Getting Our Garage Door FIXED!!!

First, my friend June had her cataract Surgery yesterday -- so good wishes and prayers go out to her! I spent some time visiting with her today and she's doing very well, actually. Took a gift from Marilyn and me -- a dog puppet that sings/barks Christmas music! He woke her up 'singing' (well barking!), which seemed to make her very happy. (smile) We were both chatting and laughing so hard. It was great! If you didn't check out that link she sent me that I shared yesterday, go back and take a look...

Started the day going over some papers for work. Then sister Sue, her granddaughter Nicole (my grandniece) and I went to Costco to shop. It was pretty crazy there! Hahaha. As I'm sure you can imagine! Nicole was a huge help, pushing my cart and helping me lift heavy items (of which there were several). We all had a bite to eat there and I brought home 'Very Berry Sundaes.' Sue also took me for a very quick trip to Freddies and then to Riteaid to get my meds. Good deal!

I talked to Mark when I got home and messed around in the garage trying to figure out about the garage door opener (!!!). So I phoned the company that originally installed our door and opener (who had put a sticker on the wall in our garage, happily). They've changed their name, but were still there!

The bad news? It's rather spendy getting this stuff taken care of! They were full for today, but at one point I had the door stuck open (!!!). Couldn't leave it that way (not safe and very cold!), so I pulled the 'switch' that allows you to manually close the door. It didn't budge at first, then suddenly came down quickly and unexpectedly -- nearly hitting me! I was shaking for half an hour after that! Then the door was stuck closed -- and today was garbage day (sigh). So they could send someone at 'overtime' rates and I set up for them to come (sometime between 4:00 and 6:00). Prices? First I told them it was a broken cable. I was told it would cost $195. Then I phoned back and told them I could see the spring was also broken. Now the price is up to $265.

Gary arrived before 4:00 and was very, very nice! He told me that the cable was NOT broken, but the spring was. And if he could get the job done before 4:30, the overtime rate wouldn't apply! So he went to work and I stood by in case he needed me. The final price was $156, so we saved $109. And we can get in and out of garage again! (woo hoo)

Gary also lubricated everything and it's working better than ever! Very nice.

Got the garbage and recycling done. And fixed refried bean tacos for dinner. Now I'm tired and ready for a nap, believe me.

Busy day tomorrow -- hope we don't get SNOW! Or worse yet, the dread freezing rain!!! Damn, I don't know why we have to have the threat of bad weather on an important day. (sigh)

Found a box of Christmas decos that was turned over under the stairs, with broken pieces on the floor (thanks, Colin). But I fixed the decoration, one that Mom gave us years ago. We're going to take it down to the beach with us.

Speaking of the beach, invited June and Jim to come down for Christmas!!! Marilyn and I would love that. Currently they have no other plans, so they really might come! I think that would be fun.

And that's my Thursday...

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