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Exciting News! Plus Survived the Staff Retreat...

First off, we all survived the Staff Retreat today. Best part? Riding the Portland Aerial Tram (also known as just the TRAM) at OHSU during our lunch break (OHSU is where we held the retreat). Marilyn and I have talked about riding it for years and years (it originally opened on December 15, 2006), so it was about time we finally did!

It was a LONG day -- plus we walked back to the office from there. It was cold (!!!) and I had to pee and I ended up very tired, but happily not cranky, at least. Marilyn and I skipped going for a drink, as I needed to get back to the office to WORK (on IT, surprise). So we walked back with Angel and Rich. I did several IT-related things during the day, starting with the minute I got in to the office this morning...

Blood sugar this morning? 85! I had a couple of (very small) 'shots' of Drambuie last night, for the record. I still tend to believe that there's something about a small amount of alcohol that's actually GOOD for you. We don't really drink as a rule, but it often seems to make me more healthy when I do. Interesting, I think.

HERE'S THE EXCITING NEWS: Yesterday I got a Comment to THIS ENTRY that I posted back on March 10, 2013 -- about Norm Carothers! The comment is from Steve Glavan (of Adams High School), who knew Mr. Carothers very, very well! I can't even say how thrilled I was to hear from him... If you want to see what he said, please follow the above link to the original post. It's a pretty special thing!

So I decide to google Steve -- and find him at LinkedIn. And I'm basically not allowed to contact him in any way (!!!) unless I already know him. I decided that I 'sort of' know him -- so hopefully I won't lose my account over this. (sigh)

I'm not going to go off on a rant right now, because I'm just too tired. But I don't understand it. WHY is it WRONG to want to connect with someone that you might end up friends with, even if you don't know them to begin with??? That would include almost ALL of my friends here at LiveJournal, for the record! And I've made WONDERFUL friends from people I certainly didn't know BEFORE interacting with them at LJ. Thank God LJ doesn't have those restrictions!!! It's still my favorite Social Media site -- and this is one of the MANY reasons why! I barely use LinkedIn at all -- and now I've got another reason NOT to use it, I guess...

Kris is going to work on getting PRFA87 (Marilyn's new computer CPU) able to Remote. I hope he can reason it out! I'd love to finally get her on that new machine (many, many months later)! It's been half a year since I got the damn thing!!! Stuff like this drives me nuts.

Well, I need some sleep, so I'll sign off for today. I can hardly keep my eyes open...

Big day tomorrow, training Erin (the new Staff person). (Training days are always a bit tense, as I want to do the best I can to help the new person to understand our systems and policies and so on...)

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