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Happily (and I mean HAPPILY), there wasn't anything IT-related from the office today (!!!). Yes, that is a total shock! Hahaha. I wish I was joking, believe me. Lately there's been IT stuff every single day (or close to it).

It was refreshing to have a day where I didn't talk to anybody work related. Actually, I have to take that back. I did phone Donn to be sure he'd be in to work tomorrow. But that was ME calling someone, rather than someone phoning (or emailing) me...

Marilyn and I went to Starbucks today, late morning. We relaxed with some coffee (I had hot for my poor sore throat) and food, playing on our iPads and chatting.

Then we headed home so Marilyn could put her very sore feet up. She did end up with blisters, but she's had worse (believe it or not). And she's got them really under control. So we'll see how she is tomorrow. We do have to do some walking going to our Retreat location.

She's really recovering nicely from her half marathon, I think. I'm SO PROUD of her for doing that! She's so amazing (and stubborn). It's incredible she could do that run with little or no prep.

As for the Retreat tomorrow, Marilyn is still saying I will NOT be going (!!!) if I'm not well in the morning. We'll see about that. Even if I didn't attend the Retreat, I'd want to go in for IT purposes...

Spent part of the day reading and sleeping. I'd actually promised yesterday that I would STAY DOWN all day today. That didn't quite happen, but it's okay. I did get some rest.

Tonight we had to dash over to sister Sue's house. Nicole was unable to print her paper due tomorrow. So I transferred it to a jump drive (LEXAR -- the only brand I ever use!) and we took it down to the office to print it out. Then we drove it back to their house.

Living on the peninsula as we do here in the St. Johns area of Portland, we tend to get a lot of heavy weather patterns. (Water on three sides of us -- duh.) So we had nasty fog to drive in going to Sue's house and toward downtown. It was better in the downtown area, then bad again heading to Sue's and back home...

But we were glad to help out! It's a long complicated story. But mainly, new printers won't print when one cartridge goes out. Seriously??? So even if you only need black and the color is out, you cannot print. That just sucks.

Well, I've washed my hair and have on clean jammies, so I'm all ready for bed! I need to update with our Instagram account stats one of these days!!! Not tonight. Too tired.

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