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Marilyn Did It! She Finished the Holiday Half (Half Marathon)!!!

She did it! Marilyn finished the Holiday Half (half marathon) this morning!!!

Sue and I are so very proud of her!!!

Sister was wonderful: She went and got Marilyn balloons and a card to congratulate her -- and she came over to drop them by. She was here when Marilyn got home from the run.

Marilyn is suffering, of course. (She also did after her first half marathon, years back, by the way.) Her feet hurt, mostly -- and she has some blister to deal with. But actually fewer blisters than the first time around...

She didn't feel like eating when she got home, so we didn't have dinner for hours. But I did finally cook something for the two of us. And now we're going to have coffee and a treat before bed.

I'm still fighting off this damn cold. I have a sore throat that won't quit, but at least I'm not that sick. Mostly fatigued. I could just sleep and sleep...

I did do a little bit of IT with Kris over the phone -- he needed me to test some stuff out from here. I should be good to go for Erin when she starts this week!

Other than that, I finished "The Grand Sophy," by Georgette Heyer. Now I have to decide whether to buy additional Heyer novels, or get more Laurie R. King novels. Not quite sure which... I love them both!

I got another novel that was very inexpensive that I've just started. I need to share about it at some point (not today, though)...

"Revenge" was a big, big deal! I won't spoil who shot Emily (but simply say it was exactly who Marilyn and I thought it would be all along). (I got hammered when I spoiled for TWD, so...)

I cleaned up the kitchen quite a bit today while Marilyn was away running -- and started in the living room, too. I want to decorate for Christmas, so I need to get things clean! Yeah, I know it's getting late to decorate, but that's okay. I'll get it done!

And that's it for my Sunday...

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