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Saturday: Still Sick -- Went to Work This Morning...

Okay, the 'sick - not in bed' icon is really only HALF true today. Marilyn and I went in to the office first thing this morning (we were there by 8:30 a.m.). And we put in a half day of work.

I got quite a bit done on the computer for Erin (the new hire), who starts on Monday. But couldn't finish up, as we didn't have the stuff for setting up her dual monitors (sigh). Plus Donn needs to do the Symantec antivirus, as well. Hopefully I can get him in there Tuesday -- while the Staff is out for our Retreat -- to finish these up...

Kris was in for part of the time (and still there when we left). This was both good and bad. I wanted to do more to Erin's computer -- but he was using her area to work on another computer (!!!), so I couldn't (bad). But at least he was there working on the two troublesome computers (good). And he brought in our external hard drives today (good)!!! (woo hoo)

So I'll need to finish up my part on Erin's computer Wednesday morning BEFORE I train Erin. Sounds like a busy week already to me...

Next Friday is our Staff Christmas Party. For the first time ever (!!!) they've invited Kris, Donn and Mark to come -- so I want to try DAMN HARD to make them show up! (Actually, Mark might have been invited last year. But Not Kris and Donn! So they need to attend in my mind...) I've been after this for years! I'll be disgusted with them if they don't show!

I was saying that the 'sick - not in bed' was only half true. Well, after work we headed directly to Walmart. We need a few items for the house (including more ham!!!) -- but mainly Marilyn needed to get items for her Half Marathon she's running in the morning!

It was horrible in the store. All during the year we tend to shop late at night, when it's quiet. So you can imagine the contrast, shopping on one of the final weekends prior to Christmas, in the middle of the day! (yikes) Just working your way through the aisles was terrible. Those crowds! And people were so unpleasant and grumpy. Why is that? The whole thing would be easier if we could all try and smile and be kind to each other. (sigh)

Then we had another 'low gas' incident. We should have gotten up early enough to get gas this morning, as we both knew we needed it. Heading for home, we'd planned to get it after getting back from Washington into Oregon. (As we often do, we were shopping at the Walmart in Washington, just across the river from us.) There was a TERRIBLE line of traffic going back to Portland, so we didn't dare get it in and risk running out of gas. So we headed into downtown Vancouver to look for a gas station, not having a clue where there might be one! Happily we found it pretty quickly, though.

Then I got out and 'begged' (well, asked nicely!) if the man beside us getting gas could help us out. Being from Oregon, we do NOT pump our own gas! So we're really clueless about HOW to do it. But the nice man showed us the steps and Marilyn actually DID IT (!!!). So it was all good! Hahaha. Yes, we're very different in Oregon -- no Sales Tax and no Pumping Your Own Gas. That's just the way it is here! (And we like it that way.)

Finally, we we got home we snacked on some stuff then both decided to take naps. Marilyn needed to rest up for tomorrow (!!!), and I was bushed from working today and still not feeling all that well. (Yes, I did carry a tower down the huge staircase from the work station near the IT Room back to where Erin will sit...)

I did wake up several times. I'd either take more meds or try to drink something, then read more in my current Georgette Heyer book and go right back to sleep. It was late when I actually got up. But I fixed us (yummy!) leftovers for a late dinner, as we hadn't had a real meal all day.

Marilyn showered and did her hair and is all ready for tomorrow. I'm praying hard that all will go well for her!

There's talk of possible RAIN -- but I'm hoping it won't happen. It's enough for her to deal with the COLD. She hasn't been able to train the way she'd planned to, due to the horrible cold weather we've had. But she thinks she can finish, and I'm wishing her all the very best. Please send your good thoughts (and prayers) her way, will you? Thanks!

By the way, I'm trying to catch up on reading and commenting here (finally!!!). I hope you'll all forgive me for being so distracted and distant in recent weeks. It's been hard to keep up and stay motivated with my health issues -- and the fatigue. But I love you all and really do want to keep in touch with your lives! (hugs)

That's it for today.

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