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Still Fighting a Cold...

I'm still fighting a cold -- but not giving in to it, yet! I got up around 8:30 a.m. (wow, sleeping in!) -- but it was pretty cold in the house, so I actually went back to bed after firing up the furnace. Later I woke up (after some odd nightmares -- brought on from being too warm) when Colin knocked a bunch of books out of the bookcase to the floor. He didn't need food or water (I'd made sure when I got up), but just wanted me, apparently! Hahaha.

I spent the day doing some things around the house and on the computer, both. It was garbage day (the real deal), so I gathered it all up and had most of it done before it got dark.

Also did dishes and took a bunch of 'goodies' out to the outdoor critters. We're thinking about getting dog food to feed the coyote. I was talking to neighbor friend Jim about it. As he says 'everything needs to eat.' That's so true! It's not the coyote's fault he's living in a suburban area, after all...

The main goal of everyone living around here is to keep him from snacking on pets! This woman who came by the house and talked to me today said she thought he was eating squirrels -- but we have TONS of them around here (all looking fat and sassy), so it's hard to believe he's living on them. And nobody has reported missing cats and dogs. So I think he's finding outdoor food to live on. Obviously he's been coming here, though we don't put out all that much meat, generally. (Poor guy!) It reminds me of our cat Danny that we had years back when we lived with Mom and Dad. He'd been left behind (!!!) when a family moved and lived on BREAD for ages before we realized he was alone and adopted him. Because of that he lost a bunch of teeth (bad nutrition!). And he never got over loving to eat bread now and then. We had to hide any loaf we brought in the house! (smile)

Cooked dinner (acorn squash, roast beef hash and kale). Yummy!

By the way, it has happily warmed up today -- if you can call 39° warming up, that is!

We've been watching "The Sing-Off" (partly because we have a Sing-Off as one of our festival events). It's been pretty entertaining...

Sister Sue felt well enough to go to cribbage last night. Thanks for the kind thoughts!

Have to go to the office tomorrow, no matter how I feel. (sigh) I'll manage.

Marilyn is working on Saturday (!!!) and is running the Holiday Half Marathon on Sunday (!!!). (As you can tell, we stay pretty busy all year long -- even in December.) I hope she doesn't get sick trying to run that race on Sunday. She told me she's going to finish it if it takes her six hours to do it... (sigh) I admire her for wanting to do it, but she hasn't had time to really train -- and it's damn cold here! (She won't let me go out to see her race and shout encouragement because she's worried about ME in the cold. Seriously???) Oh well...

Time for a nap. I'm tired... Oh! Almost forgot! Finished my book ("Frederica" by Georgette Heyer), which is sad as I enjoyed it so! Some books I wish could go on forever...

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