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Toy Drive - GREAT! My IT Work - Crappy.

This was one of those mixed-blessings days. I wasn't feeling great this morning (still fighting a cold), but I wanted to go in to work today, anyway. Today was our Toy Drive -- which ran from 4:00 a.m. (!!!) to 7:00 p.m. By the way, I give a ton of credit to Christine (she was the first one there to set everything up and she didn't leave until everything was broken down), Steven (this was his event and it went really well), Angel (who was wonderful as the Clown Prince on TV) and Rich (who managed the media). The rest of our did our parts, I think (well, most of us) -- and several of us put in long days with no breaks (Marilyn and I never took a break, eating quickly at our desks and going right back to work).

Not long after Marilyn and I finally went to work it was time for another TV segment. Don Anderson brought a group from The Conchords Chorale to sing and they were just going outside to do backup music. I said, "I want to sing!" and Don invited me to join them! So I stood just behind him and got to sing -- and I was directly behind Queen Kate (from 2012) who was talking with TV. So I suspect I was on TV singing. Very fun! I don't get many chances to sing these days and it's always been important to me...

The day started with freezing fog (!!!) and tons of traffic issues all over the place! Marilyn and I waited a bit to go in, just to be safe. Thankfully all went well with our drive.

Ironically enough, they started out with Portland Public Schools opening two hours late. Then they changed it to them being CLOSED for the day! That's how the festival determines our closures, so officially we should have been closed today -- and except for the Toy Drive we would have been! (The festival owes us all a snow day!)

Anything around the Toy Drive was exciting and moving. It was crazy and work, as well, but very cool, even so.

But a bunch of my day was spent on IT projects. I worked on TWO different computers, putting in hours and hours of my time. By the end of the day it was determined that both machines needed to be reformatted. So it was all a huge waste of time. That really sucks, I have to tell you.

I was up and down stairs dozens of times!!! I really couldn't stay upstairs for very long at any one time, because the auditors were there working. Normally we put them in the downstairs conference room (where they can be inside closed doors). They need to be able to talk without us hearing them -- just like we never talk where they can hear us, either. But the upstairs is one big, open room. My space is only barely defined behind bookcases -- and I can hear whatever is said pretty clearly. So they'd have to whisper when I was there. Can you say awkward?

I had loads to do downstairs, anyway, so that was okay for the most part. But I needed supplies from upstairs and I needed to actually work there, too. So it was a yo-yo thing for me -- and tiring. (sigh) Oh well.

We left around 7:00 and were home by about 7:35-7:40.

VERY COOL THING!!! As we were driving up to the driveway, Marilyn say the coyote by the garage!!! Then he moved and we could both see him. He was big (very big!) and beautiful. We were sorry to scare him off. He was clearly looking for something to eat (and maybe a drink of water, too). So when we got in the house we searched around to find food (mainly meat) we could put out for him. And I filled a plastic bucket with water, too. I hope he came back and got it. But what was clear was he'd been there before! We always say we're 'feeding the coyote' -- or something like that. We've know for ages that there was a coyote in the neighborhood, as many people have seen him (and even gotten photos of him). But we'd never actually seen him before. And Marilyn LOVES coyotes (always has), so it was very special for her! We need to buy some kind of cheap meat to put out for him. Maybe canned dog food or something...

I made dinner -- ham again, with scrambled eggs and rye toast tonight. Yummy! We're loving that ham!

I'm beat, so I need a NAP. It's still really cold in the house and we still need to run water. That made for quite a day with it so cold for an event that was held partly outside all day long (brr). Thankfully I dressed really warmly! Can't wait for it to warm up a bit -- which is supposed to happen soon. Marilyn will be thrilled when we can stop running the water all over the house! (grin)

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