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New Friend to Greet!

Very quickly, as I'm busy writing on my NaNo novel...

I just wanted to jump in and say hello to niniel_amaya, the latest new friend here at LJ. Thanks for adding me -- I was excited to add you back!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are trying to 'wrap up' our NaNo novels, seeing how much we can finish today...

I need to write approximately 10,000 more words at this point. Marilyn needs around 5,000. Neither of us seem too worried with that amount. At some point I really need to sit and discuss this at length. It's been an 'interesting' month, to say the least! (smile)

Briefly, writing 50,000 has been far easier than I'd ever have guessed. And in some cases, a bit more difficult, too. But the words have seriously just seemed to 'flow' much of the time.

You know how people always speak of books writing themselves? This is more true than I'd have guessed! Sometimes my book just seems to decide which way to go, no matter what my basic outline might be... (grin)

Well, back to it! I hope all is well with my lovely flist! (December is almost here! Hard to believe...)

Tags: livejournal-friends, nanowrimo-2005, niniel_amaya

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