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Freezing Fog? Afraid So.

First off, sister Sue is NOT feeling well today. We don't know if she has a bug (always possible), or not. But she's really having a rough time. Looks like she'll need to postpone her doctor appointment for tomorrow... Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated -- thanks!

We're supposedly getting freezing fog as I type this. So Marilyn and I had planned to go shopping tonight, but skipped it. We've no desire to face dangerous driving conditions unless we have to.

Yes, we stayed up and watched part of the Nelson Mandela memorial last night. But pretty much had to give it up past 3:00 a.m. our time (which was around an hour into the program), even though President Obama had only just arrived (finally) to the event.

There was snow this morning -- and freezing rain falling in some areas. We went in late and didn't have any trouble (thank God!) getting to work. We were there in time for Staff meeting -- today was Christine's birthday. I feel bad that I didn't have a card and gift for her (!!!), so I hope to take her some belatedly...

Busy, busy day at work! Donn did show up. He lives way out and has a much more difficult drive in bad weather, so I hadn't been sure he would show. Happily he made it and got a lot done!

Kris phoned and suggested lunch, so he, Donn and I did a lunch meeting (Rose Festival paying) that was quite good -- and covered a bunch of the stuff we needed to discuss!!!

I also spent time talking with Shelley at one point about her medical tests. I'm worried about her and hope they pinpoint her issues so she can be treated...

Creative Team meeting was today (because we can't have it tomorrow due to the Toy Drive) -- and was really good, again. It's a pleasure to take part in the process!

I'm fighting a damn cold. Boy, I hope I don't go down sick. There's so much to do right now!!! And tomorrow is a very big and long day.

I need a NAP the worst way possible. Seriously.

We had more ham and hominy for dinner when we got home. Not leftovers -- I actually cooked again. That ham is amazing! So yummy!

City Hall and several major buildings in downtown are CLOSED due to a power-related event right now. PGE was supposedly going to have them back up this afternoon, but that did NOT happen -- and might not happen tomorrow, either (!!!). This includes a number of buildings downtown -- with some major stores being impacted, as well. Believe me, nobody is working in those buildings without power when it's this cold! I think we can consider ourselves blessed that it didn't impact our building!!!

Watched "The Biggest Loser" and enjoyed it. I really like all the people this season. And there doesn't seem to be any crap with people fighting with each other, which is very nice, I think! This might be the best season ever.

Can't think what I'm forgetting to share. Just too tired to think. More tomorrow...

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