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Best Part of Today? Brunch and Dinner!

In place of breakfast, we had brunch (very much a combo breakfast and lunch in this case). I made scrambled eggs and bacon and it was quite yummy.

We'd thought about driving up to Multnomah Falls -- it's currently frozen and supposedly cool to see. (We did end up seeing it on TV -- and people who had gone to see it were falling down all over the place!) But we both needed to wash our hair and were very involved in artistic pursuits, so we decided to just stay home.

Now that it gets dark so early, it's much more difficult to do things past noon!

But, frankly, with these temperatures so damn low, it's just as well to STAY IN as much as possible. If you don't really need to go somewhere, why bother? And we got some groceries yesterday, so we were fine.

Anyway, for dinner, we had Kentucky Legend ham that we got at Walmart. It was pre-cooked and pre-sliced (nice and thin!) and all ready to fry. But I hate a tiny piece straight from the wrapper and it was DELICIOUS! I can't even say how GOOD that ham was! What a surprise. It was a small ham -- really just a chunk -- but yielded a lot of meat. We each had three slices (which is smaller than it probably sounds). I fixed hominy to eat with it (we've loved hominy since we were kids). A wonderful dinner!

Did I mention that we had kale recently? If either of us have had it before, I don't remember it. Can you believe there are foods commonly eaten in this country that we've never even tried? This was canned Allen's Seasoned Kale -- and we both loved it! It has protein, plus Vitamin A (50%), Vitamin C (10%), Calcium (15%) and Iron (4%). A healthy food.

I was shocked when I went to wash my hair to discover I'd FORGOTTEN (!!!) about running the water in the bathtubs! Not good. These weren't frozen, thank God. And now we are running the water there. (It was almost bad when I had trouble getting the cold water on in my bathtub...)

YES, the water running all over the house is enough to drive you nuts. But there are so many cases of frozen pipes being reported on the news that it's a good reminder that we need to keep being careful!

We're expecting AWFUL weather tomorrow morning, just in time for 'drive time' to work. Terrific. Freezing rain, which makes me crazy! Hopefully it won't be that bad. Marilyn's meeting for first thing in the morning was cancelled, which probably makes sense -- but she really wanted to have that meeting, so she's very disappointed.

Anyway, off to bed!

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