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IT Issues? IT -- Gotta Love It!

This was yet another day (on yet another weekend) where we had festival IT issues. Yeah, it's never ending. And today was so annoying! I spent ages on it, before finally turning it over to Kris to fix. I didn't expect him to get to it on a Sunday, but he happily DID! I don't know if the Outlook Exchange was down, or what -- but we couldn't get our work email. And while that's not horribly serious on a weekend, it certainly is when we hit Monday and the work week begins!!! We simply cannot function without our email, and that's all there is to it.

Kris went to the funeral of a special guy yesterday -- and it gave him pause about other friends, including the two of us. He sent us a wonderful text talking about how he values us as friends. It was wonderful and meaningful. Kris is a really wonderful person and dear friend...

So, how did we spend our Sunday?

Avoiding going outside, for the most part. I'm fighting off a cold (I've been managing to do that quite well for several weeks now), so I didn't want to brave the weather unless I really had to.

But we did finally go to the pharmacy for pills and then to Walgreens and Walmart in Washington state to shop. We needed a lot of things, so there wasn't much choice! Shopping was exhausting, but we got most of it done, anyway. Good deal!

Tonight we watched "Revenge" -- next week is the BIG episode! ("The Walking Dead" is on mini-hiatus until February.)

We got some new things at the store that I need to share, but not tonight. I'm too tired to write much...

It's difficult to REMEMBER to keep the water running for every faucet -- but we're working hard not to screw up. We really don't want to end up with frozen pipes. All you need to do is look out our window at the metal water bowls full of solid ice -- and the stack where I knock these out to refill them. There are chunks of ice all over. Just think of those dishes as being the pipes -- and that ice as potentially being inside a frozen pipe! YIKES!

More tomorrow. I'm heading to bed now.

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