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Another VERY Cold Day...

Marilyn was talking about going out today -- there were a couple of local events she thought we might like to go to...

But we stayed home, instead. And frankly as cold as it is out there, I'm GLAD we did!

Heck, it's cold in the house, for that matter. With it this cold, there's no way to really warm things up all that much.

The good news? Having a basement living area like we do, you can really keep it good down there! Now that we've done those family room windows, it's the warmest I can ever remember all the time we've lived in this house. That was the 'bad' part of the downstairs, so it's really good down there. Marilyn's bedroom only has one small window, so it's always been pretty warm. (Just like it stays cool in the heat.) And there's a furnace vent into that room, too. If we stay downstairs, we're pretty comfortable. The carpeting in all the rooms except her bathroom help, too. And seeing as we've got our best HD TV downstairs, plus can connect to our iPads via WiFi, it's a good place to stay. (smile)

The kitchen (upstairs) is better now that I worked in there yesterday. But the floors get cold and it has FOUR big windows, so it's not easy to keep warm. Plus it's near the door to the garage, and the garage isn't insulated, so cold comes in the house from there...

My bedroom is one of the coldest rooms in the house, so I'm not sleeping in there right now. And my bathroom can get cold, too (it's not awful, but with two windows and bare floors... brr...). The living room has one whole wall that's windows. Thankfully they have GOOD storm windows on them, though! But the back door is all glass and can't have a storm, so it's icy cold. Plus the floors are partly bare, making them cold, too.

The office is better than the old days. We used to have an in-window air conditioner that we never took down -- which meant we had to work and work on that window and how we'd seal things up in the winter! I used to spend hours and hours and hours on it. But now that we have central air (we've had it since 2006 -- so it's NOT new), we've got the storm window back on where it used to be, so it's tighter in that room. I'm actually sitting in the office right now. There are three BIG windows and bare floors, so by no means is it a warm room. We put things down on the floor in front of our computers to rest our feet and keep them warm. Frankly, the air in here is cold. I can't wait to finish this up and head back downstairs!

Both cats are in here with me right now. Colin has a pillow on the desk where he can lie. And Henry has his own chair to curl up in. They both seem pretty comfy. Hahaha. Marilyn was up here, but she's gone back downstairs...

I did my bit with the poor outdoor critters again today. I've been putting food out every day. Plus going out and thawing out the water bowls and adding hot water. They probably can't drink it when I first put it out, but it keeps it from freezing up too fast for them. I have to dump the bowls out each time and there are a bunch of blocks of waterbowl size ice out there, after several days of this...

Right now they'll eat almost ANYTHING I put out -- they're really hungry! So stuff they normally don't eat is disappearing. I decided to try some things they usually won't eat. Good thing, as there are only a couple of things they're leaving. (I put out the seeds from the center of our squash, and they haven't really eaten it up -- but they have checked it out, so who knows?) Moldy cheese and moldy buns and even some frozen food have all been devoured. But I put out a lot of good food, too, like peanuts and sunflower seeds and actual birdseed -- plus a bunch of meat and crackers. There are animals and birds out there all day long (and probably during the night, too -- when the bigger animals come out).

Well, I'm heading back downstairs. I'll check the sinks before I go -- I'm so afraid of frozen pipes! So far, so good.

If any of you are in cold places, stay warm!!!

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