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So Very Cold Here!!!

So cold here. We ran the water overnight, just to be safe. And I spent part of today winterizing again -- trying to warm up rooms that really needed it.

I also spent time in and out of the house, putting out water for the critters and refreshing it when it would freeze up. They NEED WATER really bad in this weather, and it's difficult for them to find, poor things. And I put out a bunch of food of all kinds. Seeds and crackers and peanuts and meat. Stuff for whatever animal came along, really. The birds and squirrels were there most of the day, feasting and drinking.

Marilyn saw some TERRIBLE traffic on her way in to work! And it took Donn two and half hours to get to the office today (!!!). Scary stuff. Marilyn had to be out in the weather quite a bit (including walking to lunch!!!) -- and her office that has two walls that are windows gets really COLD in this weather. Poor thing!

Forgot to mention that I finally watered my plants yesterday. I've been bad about them all year long. (sigh) But my Thanksgiving cactus that June gave me is in bloom, which makes me happy. Not sure why it never blooms at Thanksgiving (it used to), but oh well. At least it blooms!

I also spent part of the day getting out the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association (RHSAA) eNewsletter -- which is actually TWO eNewsletters. We do a blog version and a version that goes out through a service, as well. I'd started banners, but didn't like them, so made brand new ones. And made a couple of images to go inside, too (one of a tree with an ornament that has the Roosevelt HS logo on it -- another that was a photo of young Teddy Roosevelt).

Marilyn got her hair done today after work, so that gave me time to cook before she got home. I made acorn squash, kale and roast beef hash, to which I added cottage cheese and a nice pot of coffee. We always take the veggie, roast beef hash and cottage cheese and use these to 'stuff' the squash. It makes for a very yummy meal!

I also spent time on the phone with both Donn and Kris, discussing IT matters that needed to be resolved. So much IT work to get done in the next few months -- it's really a bit daunting! We're going to upgrade the OS (operating system) on EVERY SINGLE MACHINE in our office -- and that's quite a few! Meanwhile, we're taking the last of the computers that have single monitors and upgrading them to dual, like the rest. I believe that's seven machines (maybe eight). Then we're upgrading some of the RAM on various slower machines, as well.

Kris brought in Marilyn's machine and three others that need to be put on the floor. I'm going to be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. So is Donn! And Kris will be helping with a lot of this, too...

Well, that's it for today. I need to go make sure we're ready for another COLD NIGHT before I head to bed. I really, really don't want frozen pipes or other issues...

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