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Cold Snap Continues! I Work on the Official Rose Image...

Just finished up the last of the recycling for this week. Yeah, it's garbage and recycling day again. This isn't the 'real' week, though. But I did put all my garbage out in the roll cart in the garage. Taking stuff outside right now was pretty miserable, as it's REALLY, REALLY COLD out there! (It's currently 28° -- brr!) At least it's done for another week.

I still need to go downstairs and clean up the mess Henry made on the carpet in the family room, dragging his poop-y butt to try and wipe it. (sigh) Cats. Gotta love 'em.

Marilyn and I watched "The Sound of Music" Live tonight and really enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it was still good fun! Carrie has an amazing voice, but really can't act. And the guy playing the Captain was pretty bad during most of it, but seemed to improve toward the end. The kids were all really good -- and Mother Superior stole the show! Again, good fun. Marilyn and I loved the movie as kids -- and knew every song (and every part and harmony). In fact, we knew most of the movie by heart. We used to get the entire neighborhood to 'play' The Sound of Music, each kid assuming a different role. Then we'd act it all out and do all the songs. Plus we sang the songs every place we went. I'm not kidding.

As for today, I talked to friend Rich (roses Rich -- as opposed to Rich at the festival) a couple of times. (How many people even know one person named Rich? It's ironic that I have two! Both are great guys, too.) Anyway, Rich is an amazing rose grower (so is his wife). They were just down at the office recently tending our rose garden, as a matter of fact. He's also an amazing photographer of roses. So he provides us with photos for our annual 'official' rose. We've selected the rose for 2014 and he sent photos. My job is to 'cut around' the cluster of roses to provide one single rose we can use for many purposes (such as our Profile photo for Facebook for the festival account). Rich provided the white rose we used in 2011 -- and I 'enhanced' it for the official poster we created using the rose that year. (No, we don't use the rose on the poster every year -- but we did in 2011.) Anyway, we had more than one long conversation about it all today -- no need to go into details (about print quality and on and on).

I also went over to see June and Jim and pick up our mail from last week when we were gone. June surprised me (!!!) with a bag of bday gifts! They didn't need to do anything, as we've really stopped exchanging birthday stuff with one another. How sweet of them! They got me this cool thing that goes over the top of the door on a bottom kitchen cabinet and becomes a towel bar. It works really well and doesn't require any installation at all -- just slip it on and you're good to go! And they gave me a wonderful new pair of slippers (I'm wearing them as I type this, actually). I love my slipper boots from Marilyn, but sometimes they get too warm. And they're not as easy to walk around in. The slippers from June and Jim can be worn outside, as they have a good thick sole. Plus flashlights, almost a joke gift, as we had to borrow flashlights from them when the power was out. (grin)

Leftovers for dinner, including berry pie that we got on the way home from the beach. All yummy.

Latest Instagram numbers!
Revenge4Us: 783
TheWalkingDead4Us: 431

We keep growing, which is exciting. Marilyn's close to posting image 500, by the way! And I recently posted image 200. We're having good fun and being quite creative.

I was moved by ABC's coverage today of the death of Nelson Mandela. I thought they did a great job and I loved the African music they used. I also love that they don't talk about 'death' in Africa -- they speak of passing. I like to use that, too -- but I had no idea it was a very cultural thing for them. One passes on to a new existence...

I'm probably forgetting something, but that's it for today. Sister Sue and I might go to Costco tomorrow (I sure hope so). I imagine the weather could impact that, if we end up actually getting snow (which sounds doubtful, thankfully).

The weather is supposed to get even COLDER (!!!) this weekend. I'm trying to decide about running the water at night. I know we always did that in the past when it was very, very cold -- as annoying as it can be. I just don't want frozen pipes.

Well, more tomorrow! Thanks, again, for all the birthday greetings, by the way! Love you guys!

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