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A Lovely Birthday!

I had a lovely birthday, which started with a big group going over to Starbucks (Rich bought me coffee and Steven bought me a cranberry bliss bar). Three people 'fought' over buying me coffee, which was very sweet. (smile)

I got a nice card from the office that everybody signed. Yesterday they had planned to celebrate at Staff meeting, so they had a lot of lovely snacks that I missed (which is okay -- I'm glad everybody got to enjoy) and they sang to me (it was on the answering machine). I have photos, too, that were sent to me -- very cool!

My friend Rich and his partner Merlin (they aren't currently married, or I'd just say wife) got me a lovely scarf. The story on this is almost eerie! The colors of the scarf were PERFECT for the top I decided to wear today! It's a very new top, so it's not possible that Rich has ever seen it. Seriously, you would have thought he bought it with the top in his hand, it was so exact. Wow! I wore it all day and really needed it, with the current cold snap here.

And I got another scarf and a wonderful Santa candle holder from friends Charold and Rich -- the white decoration will be ideal for the colors we use for Christmas at the beach house! Plus Carol gave me a card and chocolate.

I originally thought the scarf was from Charold, as she's given me a scarf in the past. I somehow missed opening the card, so I was telling Marilyn the gift was from her when Rich corrected me. Always open the card first! (smile) Marilyn had the packages from Charold in her office, and I knew it should be there because Charold had recently mentioned it to me. She never forgets my birthday every year. (And she's no longer on the festival board, so she doesn't get by our office that often anymore...)

Everybody in the office offered me greetings, by the way. So kind!

Plus I had some 130 plus (not sure of the exact number -- and that's only today, not including all the messages and early stuff) greetings at Facebook. Not to mention all the greetings I got here at LiveJournal!!! You guys are the best! (hugs)

The meeting I went in for this afternoon -- our Creative Team meeting -- was amazing! I just loved it! It was my favorite part of my birthday, and I'm not joking. I got shivers at one point -- and Christine had tears in her eyes. That's when you KNOW that something suggested is just PERFECT. 2014 is going to be a good year for the festival!

Sister Sue phoned me to sing "Happy Birthday" -- and later on Kris did the same thing! Isn't that sweet???

I can't think if I'm forgetting to mention other birthday surprises. Marilyn and I went to get Mexican food after work, so I got the meal I wanted (and didn't have to cook -- always nice).

Oh! I almost forgot! Marilyn paid for us to have our picture taken (the two of us) with Santa at lunch time!!! I really wanted that, so it made me very happy.

Well, that's my day (pretty much). A really special day! I enjoyed my birthday and feel very grateful to have so many dear people in my life.

Off to have peppermint ice cream and then read my book and nap. Poor Henry couldn't sleep last night, so he kept me awake for hours. I'm tired, but it's okay. He can't help it. His medication makes it hard for him to calm down sometimes... I hope that he sleeps better tonight -- and that I do, too!

Sister Sue and I are going to Costco either tomorrow (???) or Friday -- I can't wait! I'm very excited to finally go. And now I think that's all!

Love you guys!!!

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