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Busy Day Here -- Winterizing and Manicures...

I started my day by going with sister Sue to Starbucks. We went to the one located at Freddies, so I could buy the plastic for my winterizing project. Before we went, she gave us Thanksgiving ham we can fry for dinner -- we're both looking forward to that!

At coffee Sue gave me my birthday card with a gift of cash (kind of her -- but she really didn't need to do anything). And we sat and chatted and played with our tablets a bit, before heading home.

While I was at the store I got a call from Angel that was really odd. Noise and sounds of many voices, but it didn't make sense. That happened when I was checking out. Anyway, I tried to call him back when I sat down with Sue, but couldn't reach him.

I spent a good part of the day working on the family room windows. I came up with a way to 'frame' the concrete window well with wood, so that I'd have a place to fasten down the plastic sheets I bought earlier. I got heavy-duty plastic sheets. You can't see through them, unfortunately, but they do let light through. And that's a good thing in our basement family room. We never seem to have enough light to suit the two of us. We like a TON of light in every room, to help us see better. It's especially essential for doing anything artistic (web graphics and our Edits and blends and so on). And good for reading and typing, too, I think.

You wouldn't think I'd be so exhausted after just doing those four windows, would you? But it's a lot of work. Making the frame (which required some sawing by hand) and setting it, then laying out and measuring the plastic and cutting it. Then I cut lengths of duct tape to secure the plastic to the siding of the house. I got the plastic up in one long length that covers the windows and the entire window well, using a really large staple gun to secure things in place. This isn't perfect, but I do think it's made a difference. Marilyn is the one who always sits directly below those windows (and often sleeps there, too!), so she'll be the one to best know how well it's worked.

It was cold outside while I was working, but not terrible. The house was fairly cold, because I needed to have the furnace OFF for the oil delivery that happened today. (Both cats are firmly curled up in their 'tents' to keep warm, believe me!) I wore warm clothes, but not a jacket or coat. I find it hard to work when I'm too bundled in lots of clothes. Instead I wore a very warm top that kept me toasty. And I can't wear gloves because they just don't work with the tape and so on...

The only part of me that got REALLY COLD (brr) -- and a bit miserable -- were my feet (!!!). That's because the grass was damp and my little boots got wet and it soaked through a bit. Right now I have on my new slippers that Marilyn bought me when we went to the new Walmart. These are actually boots, in a very soft, fuzzy gray cloth. Clunky to walk in, but so warm!!! I love them.

Remember that phone call from Angel? When I talked to Marilyn I discovered it had been the whole office calling from Staff meeting to sing "Happy Birthday" to me! They'd planned to do that with me there, as I was originally going to work today. They had goodies and everything -- hope they all enjoyed the party. I always say, 'Any excuse for a party.' (grin)

So, after I finished the windows project, Marilyn took a break from work and we went over to get our manicures -- which were long overdue! I ended up doing a deep, glittery red for my bday and the holiday season. They look so nice! The girl massaged my arms and hands -- which almost killed me! Right now my left forefinger is really suffering. I can't bend the first/top joint at all (it's entirely stiff). I guess it's my arthritis. When she touched that, I was almost out of my skin! Hahaha.

Marilyn dropped me home, anyway. And I'm really thinking about a quick nap. I'm so worn out. I guess this project has always tired me out, but I swear I've been worse this year. Maybe not! It's a lot of squatting and being on your knees and using various tools and so on -- all out in the cold. I was a mess, too -- so I had to change before we went for the manicures.

I just phoned to check and see if the oil had been delivered. It's cold in here, so I'd like to fire up the furnace (you generally turn an oil furnace off or way down before oil is delivered). Oh! I did go out earlier today to stick the oil (using the long stick that goes with our tank) -- we still had 80 gallons left. Not bad!

Dad is looking down from heaven and wondering WHY I haven't gone to stick the oil again. He ALWAYS stuck the oil both before and after a delivery. Just to be sure things were on the up and up. Really, Dad??? We don't trust them? Hahaha.

Off for a nap!
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