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Preparing for a Cold Snap!

I just came in from outside. It suddenly came to me that I needed to COVER OUR SPIGOTS (front and back) to be sure they'd be safe against the cold. It isn't expected to go down to freezing tonight, but better safe than sorry, after all. And it didn't take me five minutes out front, so I immediately decided to do the back, too. Again, it was fast -- not as fast as the front, because of the tarp out there, but still pretty quick. That's a big check mark off my imaginary list of winterizing items. (smile)

Edited to ADD: YIKES! I can't believe I didn't put all my IT woes from today in here! That's pretty much how I started off my day... Kris had to work on the Certificate for our website, as we were entirely unable to Remote. After a bunch of texts back and forth and several phone calls -- and me on and off and on and off the computer to help out -- this was finally fixed. That's great news!!!

Another very lazy day. No, we did not go out at all -- so we didn't get our manicures taken care of, yet. Hopefully we'll do that tomorrow... Or not. Yes, it needs doing, but there's no point in worrying about it. I have a chipped nail, but that happened before Thanksgiving. I got nail polish while shopping at Freddies at the beach, and then covered the chip up nicely enough. The main issue is probably that our nails are so long now (and very grown out). I have certainly loved the blue I got this last time. Now I have to decide on a color for the holidays!

I had originally planned to go to work tomorrow, but I realized I'd be crazy if I didn't get out and do a few things to try and winterize before this awful cold snap we're expecting. Wednesday will be awful, so tomorrow sounds like the best chance before then, obviously! We don't do anything to the upstairs windows. Almost all of them have storm windows, thankfully. I should do something outside the office window, though, as it does not... (sigh)

The main issue are the windows downstairs. The two in Marilyn's bedroom aren't that bad. But even though they're small, there's a full bank of windows in the family room -- just above the sofa. And Marilyn spends a LOT of time on that sofa, all year round. I've gone so far as to use huge slabs of discarded wood and/or drywall in the past. And I've used cardboard, too. It's a pain to lose the light, but staying warm is more important. I have a large pane of thick glass I've used in one spot where we want to see out -- and that halfway works. I guess I should be using plastic to weatherize, so we can have the light -- but it's hard to work with there because of the window well. There's nothing to fasten it to!

I have some ideas about that this year, though. I always have these crazy ideas -- and sometimes they work, while other times they don't. I hope I'm lucky this time around. Hahahaha.

All in all we have a pretty tight house. And we don't want it to be entirely tight, no matter how crazy that sounds. We feel people NEED at least a little bit of fresh air coming in, no matter what.

The oil is going to finally be delivered tomorrow. There was some misunderstanding, so it didn't get delivered last week as originally planned. We wanted to wait until after the maintenance was done, but that was taken care of Friday, November 22. Anyway, we've got two hundred gallons coming tomorrow, which should last us all winter. (The last time we got oil was November 13, 2012, by the way. Which I mentioned in my entry for November 12, but not a word on November 13. How odd!) The price this year is $662 -- which is down from last year, when it was $736. For those of you who don't care to do the math (grin), that's a $74 savings (nothing to sneeze at!).

Finally, before I end this entry for today, my TWD Instagram account is just blowing up!
TheWalkingDead4Us: 382
Yesterday when I reported the numbers, I had 340 -- that's an increase of 42 Followers in ONE DAY. Just crazy! I made some sort of breakthrough yesterday, no doubt about it! (Marilyn has another 2 Followers today, which is a lot more normal. Of course, she also has 387 MORE Followers than I do, for the record.)

We're NOT totally wrapped up in the numbers, to be honest. Yes, stats like that are one way of measuring success. But we're really more involved in the QUALITY of the Edits (images) we're producing. Interestingly enough, we've both noticed a change in what other people are producing recently -- and we can't help thinking we're having a positive effect on our fandoms, which is always a nice thing...

I'm going to see sister Sue at some point tomorrow. She has HAM for us (woo hoo) -- and we're going to try and go for coffee, if we can work that out. (She has a lunch, or we'd probably go to lunch...)

I'm working Wednesday -- I have a meeting in the afternoon.

Well, I'm off! Love you all. I am going to catch up online one of these days soon. (sigh) I mean it!

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