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Big Night for "The Walking Dead"!

Marilyn and I spent a very QUIET Sunday, really not doing anything at all, to speak of. Which was just fine by us, really! We had planned to get manicures (we really, really NEED them!), but we're okay with the fact that we didn't even leave the house...

Talked with sister Sue who had a cribbage tournament this weekend. She had a very good time, even though she didn't do that well. Her friend Nancy did well, though. And Sue said the family had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at her son Larry's house -- good to hear! (She also said she saved some ham for us, which makes me happy!) She had a rough drive home and was glad to be back. As she said, "It's fun to go, but great to get home."

Tonight was a BIG episode for "The Walking Dead." And Marilyn and I went a little crazy get photos for me to post at our Instagram account that we share. (Again, I do most of the work there, but not all by any means.) It was crazy and wild and a lot of work, but fun, too. Here's the latest numbers:
Revenge4Us: 767
TheWalkingDead4Us: 340

Since last Sunday (when I last did these numbers), Marilyn's 'Revenge' account has 80 (!!!) new Followers, and my 'TWD' account has 66 new Followers. Wow!!! That's a lot of new Followers in one week! Exciting!

Actually, I got a slew of those just tonight. I posted 16 new images today alone. Yeah, it sounds like spamming -- and it probably is -- but the demand was high! And emotions were high, too.

I won't SPOIL, especially as I got blasted at both Instagram and on Facebook for the post I put up in my own accounts. By the way, Marilyn and I happen to think the onus is on the person who goes online and reads and views. If you don't want to know (and be spoiled), then DON'T GO ONLINE. You can avoid seeing these things, after all! Why should others need to avoid sharing about these things just because YOU don't want to know?

We used to get mad and blame the person who spoiled, but we now think differently. Stay away if you're trying not to know. It's not up to others to protect you.

So many times we'll both be out there HUNTING for information about something, wishing people WOULD spoil. Hahaha. Oh well.

I have to say it makes me less and less anxious to EVER post to Facebook -- and I'm already barely active there at all. Like anybody really cares if I post there or not. Hahaha. Whatever.

Well, we have a movie to watch, even though it's late. And we're going to finally eat some dinner. Crazy to eat this late, but what the heck -- we're staying up anyway.

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