CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Back to Portland Today!

We started our day with festival IT drama and we were still dealing with it by the time we got back home to Portland. Kris was in for hours and hours today, trying to resolve it. The festival has been OFF THE INTERNET since Wednesday (!!!) morning. That means NO EMAIL and NO PHONES this entire time.

That also means we've been unable to Remote -- which is another can of worms, believe me.

But I just discovered that because our damn certificate has expired -- something I've been on Kris about for months -- we can't Remote even now that we do have the internet again. (sigh)

Anyway, the cats were wonderful driving home. And it didn't get really dark until just a bit before we reached the house, which was nice. It rained a little bit on the way, but not bad...

We got our Thanksgiving decorations all down last night -- and our Christmas decorations up this morning! The tree is up and the white wreath that matches it. Plus our other decorations, too -- except for the stuff that goes outside on the front porch.

That means we'll be all ready for the holidays when we get down to the house again!

I've been trying to see if I have a newer version of the certificate. I swear the one I put on Angel's computer went through 2014 (???). But I don't know where I'd have gotten that, so it's probably my imagination. What a pain! I wish I could just take care of some of this stuff. We've been waiting for MONTHS to get a bunch of it done. Good heavens.

Well, that's all for today. I need a nap! I was falling asleep sitting watching TV...

Tags: 2013, beach-house, cats, certificate, colin-and-henry, festival, it-manager, it-related, marilyn, november-2013, portland-house, rain, remote-desktop, sleepy, tv, weather, work

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